Dreams do come true when you hold the intention (deliberate creation), partner with Universal Law by visioning and feeling your dream as complete before its physical form appears, and taking strategic action.

So is the case in bright colors with my stellar client Lauren Busener Brown of Los Angeles.

Ninety days ago she came into my Creative Entrepreneur Business Accelerator Program with a deep craving to finally let go of her 15 year corporate career as a business development and marketing V.P. in the fitness industry, so that she could design a consultancy company on her own terms as a visionary, actualizer, wife and mother of a gorgeous two-year-old daughter.

When we met, she was on the ledge (and had been for the last year), fearful and hesitant to jump and take the leap of faith.

Inside of 90 days from September – December 2019, this empowered woman manifested the vision and took that leap of faith. She created her dream business and left her corporate career!

Let’s celebrate Lauren’s ambition, heart, courage, and drive to make it happen! I’ll let her story from her perspective enlighten and inspire you. Creatives, this is what dreams are made of.

Posted on FB on December 30, 2019:

“Tis the season…for long and reflective posts, so please stay with me.

As the year (and decade) comes to a close and as many are winding down, I’m ramping up. Ramping up my new life as a business owner and creative entrepreneur!

Making the decision to step away from my full-time executive position and leave a company that I helped grow was not easy. In fact, it was really freakin’ difficult and scary. But I took the big leap! Getting out of my head, letting go of ego, trusting my intuition, keeping the faith and leading with my heart has brought me here today. Even as I write this post, I am in awe of the shift in my mindset, behaviors and beliefs.

I am beyond grateful to my amazing business and life coach, Marla Diann Dennis. This woman is a dream maker, literally! Be careful what you say you want…Marla is an actualizer. I would not be here today without her. DM me if you’ve ever considered working with a coach and you want to know more about my journey with Marla.

I am forever thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. And to my biggest fan, David Brown, who’s love and faith in me and my vision never waivers.

And I am proud to share Good Form with all of you.

The definition of good form is behavior that is morally and socially correct. And while ‘correct’ can be interpreted many ways, to me it’s about being and doing good.

I created Good Form, a strategic business consultancy, to help good businesses do better and because I believe that which you form should be good.

The name Good Form also pays homage to my first industry love – health and fitness. The literal benefit of applying good form in exercise: work more efficiently and reach your goals faster. I believe this same principle can be applied to how we work in business.

Good Form exists to:

Help facilitate organizational transformation, to take ideas from concept to actualization, to create stories of triumph, to help the underdogs win, and to ensure true potential and talent is realized for purpose-driven companies.

Help brands achieve greater recognition and relevance.

Help companies leverage the power of their purpose to create brands that inspire people to do what inspires them, challenge others to think differently, offer people freedom and comfort, and provide a space where people feel at home.

I invite you to visit www.wearegoodform.com to learn about all the good things we’re cooking up. And look for the official site launch coming January 2020!

Like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @wearegoodform

And If Good Form can help you or someone you know, please email us at hello@wearegoodform.com.”

And so it is. Inspired to design your dream business? It begins with an email to support@marladiann.com to schedule a comfortable, authentic conversation to get to know one another. Then we will see what’s next!

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