Hi Creatives,

The first time I heard the strategy from my coach inspired action vs. massive action I was so grateful I could replace that “massive action” thought shouting in my head with graceful inspired action.

I’m a fan and student of Tony Robbins (many years) and I remember him demanding us during his seminars “take m-a-s-s-i-v-e action!” on your goals. Thanks Tony. I think I will go this way now→ which is a calmer, more laser approach to taking action on your desires and goals.

Massive action may have a place in our businesses; but it’s the intention with a self-care consciousness that makes the biggest difference between inspired vs. massive.

Inspired action: This is the intuitive route to achieving your goals. You partner with Universal Intelligence requesting guidance as to which would be the best path to achieve your goal(s). Form a habit of being open to receiving an intuitive message about your request while trusting and having faith you will manifest the goal. You are in a place a “receiving” and then taking inspired action.

Massive action: You can call this the masculine approach to going ALL out to make something happen. The mindset is it’s all up to you to make it happen and with shear will power. So you will make 50-100 calls a day to make the numbers happen to get clients. Warning on this approach: it can either inspire you to be pumped or hit the wall and burn out. The intention is often fear-based and a “go to war” mentality to slay the dragon! However, if intuitively you get inspired to take massive action for a short focused time – then this can create positive results.

Here are examples of massive action: “I work till 11 pm at night” or “I work 6-7 days a week to get it all done.”

  1. Inspired action: “I work efficiently with systems in place, enjoying my creativity and closing down the office by 6 or 7 pm.”

Here’s another: (makes for a great affirmation, too!)  “I am in a healthy relationship with time not hurried using my time wisely and effectively 5 days a week and I delegate my lower pay off activities to my Virtual Assistant. I get much better results with less burn-out”  

BIG difference. Which is your preference?

With grace and ease,