Among the thousands of creative entrepreneurial women in the events and wedding industries, there are loads of brilliant, innovative men who rise to the top of their craft and raise the standards in the industry.

Robert Hilo of Hilo Productions is one of those talents I had the privilege of mentoring this past three months.

He is a vibrant, handsome guy who turns melodies into memories for weddings, social and corporate events year round. His stellar music, production, lighting and Master of Ceremonies reputation keeps building momentum week after week.

(He’s the guy in the middle in the photo above).

However, when it came to evaluating his business structure, money relationship, sales funnel system, boundaries for family time, and re-engineering his marketing to fit his ideal client, he was a man on a mission to raise the bar much higher.

He was ready to re-calibrate his habits, behaviors and mindset. So much that one of his favorite stories to tell is how his wife was amazed at his new mindset and habits around his family time. He made serious changes around his boundaries. This change also positively affected his money conversations with potential clients in sales meetings.

Boundaries and money go hand in hand by the way. 🙂 And this transformation began just a short three months ago.

During next week’s ILLUMINATE WORKSHOP VIP panel discussion, March 22, at Avenue of the Arts Hotel, Robert will share his transparent story how he navigated all these changes in a short three months.

Meet him and our 4 other brilliant panel members when they share vulnerable stories how they re-engineered their creative businesses, mindset, money relationship, sales system, delegation, boundaries, client avatar, and more.

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