Hi Creative, 

Happy July! This month is dedicated to Purposeful Meditation: The State of Allowing & Non-Resistance.

In the iconic book, Ask and It is Given, by Esther & Jerry Hicks, with the Teachings of Abraham, they demystify and mentor you to live the power of deliberate creation (desires).

The art of manifesting is predicated on having a high, clear vibration of anything you define as feeling good. Gratitude, appreciation, joy, love, faith, trust, optimism, etc.

They use an emotional set point list of feelings to measure whether you are in a place of allowing or resistance to your desires. The other end of the feeling scale is anger, blame, fear, worry, resentment, judgment, etc.

Essentially, your emotions are indicators of your vibrational frequency. When I read the meditation chapter, I had a breakthrough in how they framed the purpose of meditation. This is what I encourage you to consider.

For years I have been doing sitting style meditation in short spurts or my daily walking meditation in nature. The way they framed meditation is this: when you focus for 15 minutes only on your breathing, not your desires, you are in a state of allowing. There is no resistance.

“You stop running the show trying to make things happen and you are in a flow state,” says Abraham. As you quiet the mind by only focusing on your breathing, any resistance (negative thoughts and feelings) subside and your state of vibration will rise to its natural, pure state.

With this, your point of attraction changes and your state of allowing begins. Things you have been desiring have a clear energy channel to now flow into your experience. 

Hence, the law of attraction. Remember, we are made of energy. Our thoughts and feelings have a vibrational quality to them.

What I love about this is the purposeful intent of meditation over and above the usual stress relief and grounding effect. That landed well with me. You, too? Then, throughout the day, I will say or think, “I am in a state of allowing my desires to manifest.”

It works when you are committed to daily practice. I started out with 5 minutes and now working up to 15. I noticed manifesting small to mid-sized important desires showing up within hours and days. What do you have to lose? Give it a try!

Follow your joy, xo


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