Coming from gorgeous Lake Como with this week’s blog!

Example #1: Few years ago, one of my colleagues who is also a money expert known for her books and 7-week financial stress reduction course chose to create a sales workshop due to requests coming in from clients wanting to know how she fills up her programs. She chose to charge $65 for a three-hour group session. What she found out in the process of enrolling students that she used the same energy and time (and frustration) as she did in filling her $1,000 course. More hours – less money.

Hmmm… sound familiar?

She quickly recognized not a good use of her time and there is a higher perceived value when someone pays a higher fee. So, she did away with the sales workshop and focused on selling her well-known higher value program. Work less. Make more 😊

Example #2: Early in her program, I had a client list all the tasks and efforts she was spending her time on. I asked “How many of those are bringing you closest to the money in a short time frame?” Her answer was none. They made her feel like she was busy but when examining her list and the actual return on investment of time and strategy she was assuming would work – she clearly saw why her revenues were slow to arrive.

I gave her one main approach to focus on and build a faster income. Come to find out she already had started this strategy awhile ago but let it sit and not complete it. We found the hidden gold in her business buried underneath all her “busyness” –

This week I encourage you to take a serious inventory of your daily actions and ask yourself “Is this giving me a good return on my investment of time and focus in a short time frame of 30 days or less OR can it be placed on my idea list to be done later after a consistent amount of revenues are coming in?”

How does this relate to you and your focus?

To your value and abundance!

Ciao from Italy,