Oftentimes when I need a serious dose of creative inspiration I turn to Walt Disney.

I’ve been a Disney girl most of my life. My sisters and I grew up with Walt Disney in our backyard. I lived in the San Fernando Valley not too far from Burbank where Walt Disney Studios were located.

Growing up we visited Disneyland at least two-three times a year for birthdays. We watched “The Wonderful World of Disney” TV show on Sunday nights while having dinner. We were all mesmerized including my father who was the creative spirit in our household.

So, as an adult when I need a dose of creative renewal before I write a blog article, or create a new program or speech for my business, I may read some pages from one of my favorite books,“How to Be Like Walt; Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life” or watch one of the many YouTube videos of him explaining his newest idea, innovation for Disneyland or the “project x” expansion (Disney World), etc.

In my perspective, Walt Disney was the epitome of living and working in his genius. The profound impact this man had on our world is the result of a non-negotiable creative spirit.

That’s why he became one of the world’s most iconic visionaries ever lived.

You, too have this capability. Living in your genius zone more often is at the core of coaching my creative entrepreneur clients for upleveled emotional and mental fulfillment, higher performance, more consistent happiness, and higher revenues.

Taking the Big Leap (Gay Hendricks) is when you learn how to escape your excellence zone (comfort zone, predictability, secure) and choose to operate and work from your genius and core talents MORE often.

That’s when the magic happens and it’s possible for you, too.

I don’t need to point out the stats and plethora of innovations created by Disney, Steve Jobs, Sara Blakely of Spanx, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the list goes on where living in your genius zone more often works. It does when you have a non-negotiable commitment.

I aspire for you and all creatives to learn this life and career changing habit. I had no idea there was a genius zone till I read The Big Leap recommended by my coach three years ago. Now it’s at the core of coaching my creative clients.

No one better than Walt Disney to exemplify genius zone! I’m sharing five genius qualities he possessed that changed the world as written in “How to Be Like Walt. Living the Disney Magic Everyday if your life” by Pat Williams.

Are these part of your genius qualities?

  1. Curiosity. THE hallmark of all creative genius. Always be curious of the world around you. Meet people. Ask questions. Be in wonderment. Walt had a childlike curiosity about anything and everything.
  2. A thirst for knowledge. Walt would impart his thirst for culture, knowledge, how things worked, and why it worked or not. In the 1930s he would give his creative team tickets to the museum, theater and concerts to enhance their knowledge and the world around them. He knew it would pay dividends for the studio.
  3. Experimentation. Walt was always pushing the envelope and testing new ideas sometimes just for testing sake. He was on a continuous quest for discovery.
  4. Quality no matter what. Walt never missed the tiniest of detail. His staff one time cut the tail off of Mickey Mouse in a single frame of a movie just to see if Walt would catch it. He watched the movie and commented, “Put the tail back on Mickey before you release the film” and walked out of the room.
  5. Vision. This was clearly Walt’s special genius. He had a unique sense of what would sell and what the public wanted to see. Remember, he could envision Disneyland in every detail and pursued it relentlessly even in the face of criticism and doubt.

What’s your standout genius from this list?

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To your creative spirit,