Hi Creatives,

I was recently glancing through a Ralph Lauren online magazine where he weaves a beautiful theme and location around his latest designer wear. This issue I was drooling over was photographed at his longtime owned Jamaican cottage “White Orchid” at the coastal enclave of Round Hill for relaxation and creative re-energization.

As you can see in the photo, it overlooks a pristine ocean view surrounded by perfectly manicured palm trees, a crystal blue pool, and classy outdoor furniture against a whitewash of pure white walls and doors. How dreamy, right?

The story accompanied by the photo told of his 40 year commitment to the island as his getaway, buying this home for creative renewal and giving back to various causes, which he is well known for as a frequent world philanthropist.

As I took all this in – the beauty of the location – his lifestyle and global brand – I fell into daydreaming what it must be like to live a creative life like that. The words that came to me were “Simplified Luxury.”

There was something serene, authentic, calming about the message he was portraying even with a backdrop of this opulent lifestyle.

This brings me to our topic today. Creative living in my definition is living a six-sensory life where you are using these senses as a way to amplify your experiences. If we could live more consciously about how often we feel, touch, hear, smell, taste, see and use our intuition, life would be more alive, vibrant and colorful.

For example, during my month long stay in Florence, all of my senses came alive because Italians live by igniting these six senses every day. They tantalize their senses daily by amazing food cooked from scratch with freshest ingredients, drinking delicious wine, socializing in the local piazza with neighbors and friends, walking everywhere, riding bikes, driving Vespas, and just enjoying life. And then they work. Notice the order of priority?

The message I am offering you today is encouraging you to make a conscious intention daily to experience creative living by defining your own sense of luxury. Simplify it. Make it your own.

Is sitting in a café with a friend sipping cappuccino without feeling you need to be working – a luxury? Is taking a walk along the ocean more than a few times a year a luxury for you? How about gathering with friends more often and go places like a winery, an art museum, a concert, or a local park. Oh and that massage you have been promising yourself. Go do it.

I am aspiring for you to amplify your creative life with simplified luxury that doesn’t cost a ton but sure brings you joy! Having a luxurious life does not need to be opulent, far reaching and over the top lavish. It can be your own version of luxury.

Share with me how you define simplified luxury. What would be on your list? Let’s explore your creative living by scheduling a 45 min call. Let’s talk a re-birth of your creativity and how it affects your business success. Email my team support@marladiann.com

Have a blessed, luxurious week!