This is for real. No kidding. This week my client came to me eagerly wanting to get her focus back; she felt scattered and ungrounded with her goals and revenues.



After accessing her situation, asking questions, and giving her a few inspiring words of advice here is what I required her to do:


1. Do only the minimum that will make the biggest difference.


2. Focus only on what brings you closest to the money and A.D.D. (automate, delegate or delete) everything else for now.


3. Commit to acquiring 2 new clients by November  and do not do anything else but service existing clients, take care of you and your family and any community outreach you committed to in moderation. In other words, put that long to-do list away in a folder and kiss it “bye-bye” just for a month and you can bring it back out after you have 2 beautiful new clients on your roster eagerly awaiting your brilliant expertise.


And I had her set an intention to have this goal done by mid-late November. 30 days. Create a new habit of intention and focus. Discipline the mind and send out to the Universe your CLEAR intention.


Guess what? In less than 24 hours, she says “out of the blue” a new contact came calling and KISMET she just signed a contract for a new client! It’s that simple folks. BUT you must be congruent with you, your brand, and your goal. (Kismet means destiny, fate, and synchronicity)


Here’s my message:
MONEY is an energy just like everything else in the Universe. It’s not this step-child that sits out there and you “deal” with it when you have to. It’s a beautiful, expansive energy that only responds to your energy (contraction or expansion) with clarity wrapped around it.


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