Dear Manifestor,

(Spoiler: serious golden nuggets in this article)

The month of June is dedicated to the Art of Manifesting. Let’s see how this lands with you!

I’ve observed an interesting pattern lately among friends, clients, and colleagues (and myself). As loyal as they are to living spiritual principles of visualizing AS IF something is already complete, writing and saying aloud daily affirmations, believing in the partnership of Universal energy and asking for support, they can easily forget and fall off the manifesting wagon and lose focus.

You too?

Solution: all you have to do is recommit when you notice you are disconnected from Source. 😊. No self-judgment or beat up. This is a normal fact of life. We just get distracted.

Our precious focus requires us to recommit daily, weekly, or monthly to our spiritual practices because our humanness can hijack our best intentions. Perhaps consider this a loving nudge to recommit, if it fits.  

Furthermore, I aspire for you to use your intuition, first, for all decisions, then the logical, linear, and functional approach to achieving and manifesting daily. 

Your goal is to employ a masterful blend of both, the intuition with the functional. As a result, you have an incredibly powerful formula for living a successful, joyful life.

It follows then, in order to truly live your best life that attracts an abundance of good, we must accept that good things can come easily. This is a shift in mindset. It eliminates resistance.

See, society typically has us convinced that if something is worth having, it requires struggle, heroic perseverance, and sacrifice. This is a common fear-based mindset and belief that we must work incredibly hard in order to succeed. 

It’s a habit of resistance.

Funny thing is – our resistance to feeling good or thinking good will block the very thing we want to attract – the good in our life.

The moment we release resistance and allow ourselves to feel good more often, we attract solutions, money, people, clients, peace, calm, ideas, and more.

Resistance is also an example of a money block. Try letting it go and catching yourself each time and shift your way of thinking to this – (affirmation) “I now attract innovative opportunities, money, and ideal clients the more I let go of control and learn to trust there is a better and easier way.” (Edit according to your goals)

When we feel and think good more often, life actually flows more naturally and with ease. Let go and trust as you claim your desire or goal daily while taking actions.

Lastly, success is an inside job.  

It does not come from consistently pushing, controlling and making things happen around us. Instead, it’s a direct reflection of our internal condition. A direct reflection of our alignment with our highest purpose, our highest truth, and our highest sense of service in the world. 

I aspire for you to develop a masterful blend of trust, faith, belief, and gratitude with the linear, the logical, and the goal setting of life.

Are you open to that?

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Loads of gratitude!