Before diving into week six of my annual Visionary Leaders summer storytelling series, let’s honor and pray for the families of Surfside, Florida who lost their loved ones in the devastating condo collapse. I can’t even imagine.

We have so much to be grateful for. It hurts my heart seeing the stories evolve since late June.

Over the last six weeks in celebration of my 25 years of being a creative entrepreneur, I have been sharing inspiring stories of the human spirit. You can read those you missed on the blog.

This week’s story, however, speaks to being a firm believer that our businesses are one of our highest spiritual demonstrations.

Why? We are financially rewarded for our purpose, not our time. Our purpose is to serve humanity in our own creative, joyful, and natural way that impacts lives. For that, we are rewarded on all levels including money because…

 …When I coach and mentor women and men to transform their relationship with money, it’s not just a linear, practical thing. It’s a holistic, integrative experience involving the change of your money vibe (thoughts and feelings have a vibration where like attracts like) and all of your adopted judgments about money that were never yours to begin with. We have the option to transform our money story (habits, behaviors, and beliefs) so that we have a healthier, blessed, and more respectful relationship with money.

Money is innocent of all the judgments we place on it. It’s the person who places meaning on money, positive or negative, and that’s very subjective.

We ultimately want to operate in the truth about money, which is it’s a high vibration because it’s a blessing, it’s a tool for the exchange of goods and services, and it’s a tool to fund our dreams and goals. That’s it. Anything else is a judgment you or someone else (usually from childhood & society) has placed on it.

My three remarkable women clients (and adoringly dear friends) in this week’s story, Minda Burr of Santa Monica, CA; Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson of Chapel Hill, NC; and Jacquie Freeman of Riverside, CA, come from various parts of the country and differing beliefs and habits about money. Yet once they gathered in my coaching program this year, all the differences melted away and what they found was a beautiful synergy and understanding that we are all one with similar challenges and we can support one another in transforming our outdated, untrue beliefs and behaviors about money.

I gathered a few highlights of their six-week journey. See if you can resonate with them and how these visionary women entrepreneurs broke through their glass ceiling and confidently began to own their worth and dignity!

Minda Burr of Minda Burr Jewelry shares,

  • “I now keep track of what I spend and what I make.  I am no longer “impulsive” when I spend. I now think before I pull out my debit card and I don’t buy crap I don’t need.
  • I am much more intentional about investing in stocks and my jewelry business instead of clothes or as many dinners out, etc.
  • I take “inspired action” instead of random action and I feel so much more connected to God or “the Creative intelligence” of the Universe.  I get how much a blessing that money is and to be GRATEFUL for all the abundance that I already have.  Marla’s program is very spiritually rich and something that resonated with me profoundly.  I feel much more connected to my Abundance Consciousness, which is vital in keeping the flow of money circulating!”

As a result of her inner changes throughout the six weeks of coaching, Minda quickly tripled her jewelry sales via her Instagram account and attracted over 74 guests to her online jewelry party!

One of the more profound changes you can experience with money is having dignified, confident discussions with your partner, spouse, or significant other about finances. I know you know this can be a huge challenge in relationships. This will only change when you change your relationship with money just like what Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson of Luminary Insights Coaching experienced and continues to evolve.

  • “I am purposefully working with my husband on our relationship with money as a couple where as in the past I would have stayed away from it.
  • I am looking for money to easily come to me and through me. Previously I would have felt uncomfortable with this statement. 
  • I am actively aware of my money and seeking additional income streams and a higher yield on the ones I already have. Previously I would have avoided it. 
  • I love the money affirmation activity. It really allowed me to get intimate with my feelings and goals with money and how they impact all aspects of my life. 
  • Exploring the legacy impact of money was very powerful and freeing for me. Writing the letters of forgiveness was invaluable for clearing the energy for me and my family.” 

Ivanna is now creating an innovative intuitive coaching brand, Luminary Insights, that she has been dreaming about for years. She overcame her limiting beliefs, finally giving herself permission to realize her groundbreaking dream.  It’s right on the verge of launching at the same time that her never before told story struggle and triumph is being featured in an inspirational book entitled “Women Who Shine!” being released on August 25

As the lovely Jacquie Freeman, Reiki Master/Yoga instructor, author, & women’s empowerment retreat leader shares, she experienced changing beliefs and habits can result in big wins! Often, we have not been taught (no fault of anyone’s) to pay attention to our numbers, as a result we are disconnected from our power to make good choices.

  • “Marla’s coaching helped me become more aware of what was coming in and going out. I became more organized and paid attention to my money matters where before I was less attentive.
  • I was so grateful to have paid off three credit cards completely! I am much more aware of interest rates and paying down my other cards. I am now inspired to get them all paid off!
  • THANK AND GROW RICH course-book, I love Pam Grout so much!  I want to re-read the stories. She motivates me and I love how she manifests!  It made me more aware of possibilities and positive thinking. Love her party games!”

The human spirit is so miraculous, isn’t it? When we are coachable and courageous to look at what we know to be blocking our success, life can flourish in ways we have not ever considered.

So, how good will you allow your life to get?

You may email to schedule a conversation about your worth and dignity.

Happy summer!