I have something and someone very special to share with you.

Heather Dominick was my very first business coach I hired way back in 2008 when I was excited to begin this long journey, but filled with just as much fear of the unknown and how would I pay for her services.

I trusted and leapt. The net did appear rather quickly in form of her great support and mentorship, new clients, first months of revenues, and a new confidence in something very new and uncomfortable, coaching!

Heather was and still is a spiritual business coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). Meaning, empaths and those who are extra sensitive to the energetic Universe we live in. Back then her program was named Energy-Rich coaching.

She was THE beginning of my 14-year journey of investing in myself and my business every year since.

It was Heather who taught me the early stages of running an online business from a spiritual foundation. She was the one who taught me, “Are you operating out of ego or spirit, Marla?”

I am sharing below her weekly emailed advice that I still receive 14 years later. I am very loyal to my mentors even when we are no longer coaching. They have a special place in my heart from the impact they had on my life. Hope you like it.

“The collective tension in our world right now is at an all-time high and as a highly sensitive, you’re likely feeling that tension immensely. Your resilience is consistently being challenged.

Here are three key elements you can consciously cultivate to access resilience as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) and Leader:

1. Courage for moving forward into your next step. NOT courage to conquer all – just the next step.

2. Determination for doing whatever it takes to follow through. Not distraction, but instead determination. Not getting it all done perfectly, just doing what it takes to follow through to the next step.

3. Flexibility for adjusting and refining as needed during this erratic and unpredictable time. Planning ahead, but being willing to make adjustments when necessary.


Now more than ever we, as Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders, are being called into the confidence of doing things differently. And not just differently than those around us, but differently than our former selves.

Will you allow tension and discomfort to trigger you into coping mechanisms that keep you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and operating from your HSE Shadows?

Or will you choose to access resiliency and allow this tension to be a proactive energy to fuel change and inspire you into action?

The choice is always yours.”

Be extra kind and loving to yourself,