During my annual summer Creative Leaders Storytelling Series, I look for clients who are exceeding expectations and achieving well above what they thought was possible.

True to his artistry in designing remarkable luxury residential landscapes and pool/waterfall oasis experiences, Kelly is doing the same artistic refinement to his Landscape Architect business, Rasmussen Design Inc.,based out of Orange County, Ca., along with upgrading his mindset, money relationship, and client servicing since beginning his five-month coaching program ONLY six weeks ago.

In less than a month from kick-off, Kelly acquired six (yes!) NEW clients at his newly raised rates that now match his thirty plus year mastery.

This devoted family man has been on fire since the first day of coaching and I could not be more proud of him!

He came to me to up-level and innovate his 26-year-old business as we re-ignite his passion, artistry and visionary personality.

I say he has already succeeded those goals and he’s got four more months to go! This salts-of-the-earth/genuine guy has only just begun his ascend.

Self-care is a big part of my holistic formula for success. Guess where he finds peace and relaxation? Working in his own beautifully designed garden of course! Digging in the soil and designing the earth’s surface is his therapy. Can you relate?

Let’s have him share with you from his perspective how the last six weeks have gone and where he’s headed!

I have been involved in the Creative Entrepreneur Success Program and Marla Diann for a little over 5 weeks.

I jumped in head first not realizing the impact Marla would present to me as an individual and to my business.  The process of thinking outside the norm was an entirely new concept and direction for me.

Marla has introduced new marketing strategies, created a higher fee schedule, which Marla calls “giving myself a raise” and created a stronger mindset for me and my business.

In the brief few weeks, I have acquired 6 new clients at my higher rate, created a strong list of professionals who I have contacted and gained their commitment to providing strong referrals to perspective client’s and have developed a higher frequency of self-worth and balance.

Personally, my growth, awareness and behaviors have changed as well over this short time.  I am more engaging with my family, my friends, and community organizations. I have joined our City Chamber of Commerce and have participated in events, joined a mentorship for my alumnus and created a strong social media campaign for my company. 

Much of my daily drive is my wife of 32 years, Mary.  She has exquisite insight for ideas and detail for me and our business.  In fact, Mary and Marla met at a wedding industry event and hit it off right away. We’re all a very strong team.

Marla has been very instrumental with expanding my abundance and success in this short time. I look forward to taking “the big leap” to my upper zone of genius!”

Bravo Kelly! I and his beautiful family are so proud. .

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