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How deeply committed are you to your dreams and desires? So much that if someone tried to downplay it or try to talk you out of it, you could withstand the pressure?

The profound story of the real “horse whisperer” will pull at your heart-strings while inspiring you to never give up. (I never get tired of telling this story. So special!)

When Monty Roberts was in high school, his teacher gave the class an assignment to write about what they wanted to do when they grew up. Monty wrote that he wanted to own a 200-acre ranch and raise Thoroughbred racehorses. His teacher gave him an F and explained the grade reflected that he deemed the dream to be unrealistic. No boy who was living in a camper on the back of a pickup truck would ever be able to amass enough money to buy a ranch, purchase breeding stock, and pay the necessary salaries for ranch hands.

When the teacher offered Monty the chance of rewriting his paper for a higher grade, Monty told him, “You keep the F. I am keeping my dream.” Today, Monty’s 154-acre Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, Ca raises Thoroughbred racehorses and trains thousands of horse trainers in a more humane way to “join-up” with and train horses.

His work has produced over 8 national champions in the show circuit globally and more than 300 international stakes winners in Thoroughbred racing. The center is also world renowned for its personal development courses for human beings using the power of horse whispering.

Remember the motion picture “The Horse Whisperer” starring Robert Redford? That was Monty’s story. Profound.

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