While I am on my way home Monday from a life-changing weekend in Chicago with my mentor, I was inspired to dive into the topic of “wooing your creativity” for today’s blog.

One of my favorite authors and experts is of course Gay Hendricks of The Big Leap and the Joy of Genius. I relate to his style, writing, and mission in life.

I found creativity thrives in an atmosphere of lavish appreciation. We are in a relationship with our creativity like we are with money. Do you include your creativity in your gratitudes?

Quiet your mind, say to yourself, I am grateful for my creativity. Say it two times. Take a few deep breaths. Did your ego try to seduce you out of it? Or was it easy to embrace it?

Take out your journal, connect with your intuition and answer this question, how do I appreciate my creativity? Just let it flow. See what shows up.

The essence of true creativity is genuine wonder. Wonder is mind at play. Imagination. Curiosity.

The best way to ignite wonder is to ask yourself, “What do I most passionately want to learn?” Now enter this into your journal and begin writing from the heart.

BTW, my answer to this is, I want to learn how to play the guitar, sing, and speak Italian. I never have. I passionately want to. It’s on the list for 2022. Maybe start during the holidays.

Final word: these questions facilitate living in your genius zone, which is your most happy, creative place.

Let’s have a chat about how to be more in relationship with your creativity so that you have life tools to be in your happy place MORE often! Email to schedule.

To your best life! Loads of love,