Just finished a wonderful 9-day friendship summer vacation where I visited two sets of long-time friends that I have not seen in years! Spent time on the gorgeous Oregon coast and Clearlake in Northern Ca. Plenty of quality time and catching up! My heart is full.

Make the best of your last weeks of summer!

We are in week seven of my annual Visionary Leaders Storytelling Summer Series ending with another behind the scenes story from my 25 years as a creative entrepreneur and where it all began.

In my previous behind-the-scenes story from week five, I shared the first moment the entrepreneurial seed was planted in my early days of being a junior publicist while working at a Beverly Hills PR agency where I began my PR career.

Fast forward about five years after working for several entertainment PR agencies in Los Angeles building my exciting creative career. I was married, living in Colorado, and my son was about to turn five. I made a promise to myself and him that I would bring my gig home when he turned five before attending kindergarten. I wanted to be home for him as I grew my business. His well-being and influence were paramount for me.

My entertainment PR company was born in 1996 as I took off from the ground running when my family, who owned a restaurant, and several other colleagues found out I was on my own. They were my very first clients! I was in heaven lit up with fiery passion leading the way. I was doing it; running my own PR company creating something from nothing.

That was the beginning of my 25-year journey as a creative entrepreneur lasting 13 years until I re-invented myself in 2008 segueing into coaching personal branding to entrepreneurs when social media was in its infancy.

I passionately believed in my vision carrying me through the first two years of building something from nothing. That passion has stayed with me to this day as a consistent theme sustaining me through motherhood, divorce, breast cancer, personal growth, business growth, and really, all facets of life.

Much like my story – the reason I LOVE coaching creative entrepreneurs is the chutzpah and sort of rebel quality needed to create their own path and business on their own terms regardless of status quo. They are leaders, rule breakers, and visionaries.

A global woman thought leader fashion brand I admire greatly that represents this rule breaking and rebel quality igniting self-expression is Rebecca Minkoff.

She built her $100 million fashion brand from a dream and vision. That is brilliance magnified.

Rebecca’s new memoir, Fearless, The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success tells her story about how being a rule breaker and rebel set her on the path to her success. She writes, ” I never set out to be a rule breaker. It’s just that the old rules weren’t working for me, so I had to go out and make my own. If I had taken the safe route and always done as I was told, I’m pretty sure I would still be answering phones at my father’s office in Florida.”

In the past 15 years, her company has achieved over $100 million in sales. It takes chutzpah, deep belief, courage, curiosity, and a big vision to go after your dreams. Not leaning on the status quo will take you quantum leaps. 

 Grab a copy of her book. I am. We all need women’s empowerment stories to keep us sharp, innovative, and creative!

Ready to create something from nothing OR uplevel your current creative business to a new success held back from blind spots? Email support@marladiann.com to schedule an intro chat.

I believe in you. I know you have what it takes to make it happen.