What is creative renewal? Have you been feeling a sort of restlessness tugging at your heart, soul, and spirit?

You are not alone. It’s everywhere.

Creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renaissance of your life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability. It’s a new intimacy with yourself. It’s a new love for self. It’s a higher level of acceptance of the reason you are here – to create.

It’s recognizing and embracing you are a channel for God to bring your talents, your solutions, your ideas, and your inspiration to the world.

It’s a new consciousness that says, “Being a manufactured factory version of yourself is no longer acceptable or life affirming.” You are essentially coming home when you dive into creative renewal allowing the evolution to happen without your need to control the outcome.

Creative renewal is a wake-up call.

It’s the aliveness of living in your intuition and really listening this time – and taking action on what FEELS right, rather than what you THINK is right.

My client Jackie Pasché Girard of Element Floral Designs exudes the Renaissance Woman who is experiencing a rebirth. She was referred to me by another client a few months ago after she took a year off to examine her life. It was her re-birth; her renewal of her artist self. She came out of the hiatus deeply ready and committed to show up in the world in a different way – a more authentic – expanded – courageous version of her NEW self. Jackie is an extraordinary floral and botanical designer.

She’s in a private success program with me learning how to turn her hobby into a savvy, influential design business. It takes courage and self-respect to be coached to a higher success.

We had a lunch session this week discussing her new found confidence, new money relationship and how to upgrade her boundaries with those she may have been tolerating for too long. She is hungry for evolution. I can proudly say she is an outstanding client by the fact she is doing the work required to change and succeed.

She is an inspiration to many.

My favorite creative advocate, NY Times Bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, writes in her book BIG MAGIC, “Your own reasons to create are reasons enough. Merely by pursuing what you love, you may inadvertently end up helping us plenty. Do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest will take care of itself.”

3 Getting Started Steps to Creative Renewal:
  1. Listen to your discontent. It can feel like numbness in your heart. It disguises itself as fear, shame, or uncertainty. It feels like an inner nudge asking you to pay attention. Do not ignore this any longer.
  2. Be compassionate, loving, kind, nurturing and above all patient with your artist self. Ask it questions. Listen for answers. She (or he) is asking to be cared for just like a child needing attention and your presence. This is your entry to your magic. Be consistent; no matter what. There is pure transformation on the other side that will delight you.
  3. For two weeks consistently, take your pen to a journal and begin to write and write and write about the discontent. No judging. Just pour it out on the page after page after page. Let it flow. Don’t make light of this. Make time. Do it early morning before the world interacts with you.

As you seriously take these three steps, life will become more alive, playful, vital and certainly more peaceful.

Is your creative renewal asking to be paid attention to? Is doing your business causing doubt, uncertainty or a calling to upgrade? I’m offering 5 discovery calls this month to explore all that for your 2018 success plan.

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I’m here for you.

Love & Blessings,