I aspire for you to explore your relationship with your creativity and artistry and treat it with a new respect, kindness, attention, nurturing.

Let’s refresh that special part of you!

This creative renewal content was birthed out of my own craving for a reconnection with my creativity. I had to relearn how to play again. Be more in love with life!

Be in relationship with your creativity like it’s a best friend. Pay attention to it. Renew it. Nurture it. You were born with this gift. Re-ignite it.

It’s time to get serious about taking yourself more lightly. This is creative renewal.

Play more. Risk delight in your day. Dance. Garden. Cook. Play the drums. Paint. Take photos. Travel. Let go. Allow a different approach, a different way of thinking that inspires innovation by tapping into your creativity differently via play.

When Einstein was creatively blocked during an invention project, he would stop and go play his violin. That shifted his energy, focus and creativity.

Creative renewal is a remedy for:

  • Not being clear what your personal brand stands for
  • Discontent of any kind on any level small or large
  • Desiring to up-level your business; but unsure of the direction
  • Perhaps you either lost your sweet spot in life and/or business or want a new sweet spot– (that’s the place you know are in the zone – you are doing your rightful work)
  • Clarity of your genius zone & being able to tap into it
  • Even career or artistic boredom

Creative renewal is:

  • A new relationship with your inspired self – the place where ideas, your art, innovation, and powerful shifts originate.
  • A fresh look at life. A renewed curiosity in life. That feels so vibrant when we ignite more curiosity!
  • It’s a re-claimed part of yourself you may have neglected for a variety of reasons.

It is my hope you recognize and embrace you are a channel to bring a higher level of your talents, solutions, ideas, and innovation to your business, your branding and to the world.

Creative renewal is a brilliant wake-up call. You ready?

This topic and more will be part of my Creative Roundtable “Behind the Scenes of a Creative Business” April 18 2019 with my featured guests Lee Dyson of Hey Mister Dj, Veronica Puleo of The Replicas Music and Brianne Cohen, our Sommelier for the evening
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Joy & Abundance,