My first five years in coaching, I parlayed my two decades of PR expertise (building personal brands for celebs, visual and performing artists) into helping entrepreneurs monetize social media and optimize an online marketing system to convert to revenues.

This was ALL very new to everyone. I had the BEST coaches teaching me the systems early on so I could teach my clients.

At the time barely anyone understood how to monetize Facebook or Twitter (there was no Instagram).  But I did.

I began teaching it in droves to business owners all over the country! It was so much fun! (That pink image here was my branding in 2013-2015!)

In 2008 as I was figuring out how to use Facebook, I remember having that “light bulb” moment that became my trademark coaching then. The innovation was so exciting! I figured out Facebook could be used as a publicity channel delivering your own personal brand in your own way for your business replacing the traditional regulated (and often hard to come by) media coverage in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. (It was not easy as a publicist to secure those, either!)

I was stoked! And that’s how “Embrace Your Spotlight” business coaching began for my company. The same strategies back then hold very true today.  The strategies are evergreen.

Building relationships online and converting to revenues will never change as long as there is social media and online marketing. It’s a positioning of your personal brand as “the-go-to-expert.”

Today, I am sharing the secrets to those strategies. It was about being a savvy steward of social media. And that has not changed.

I updated my handout from those early days, 7 Benefits to a Compelling Trusted Brand That Positions You as Client Attractivejust for you. Let me know your feedback after reading the handout.  

I think you will actually be surprised at some of the strategies even if you have been doing social media for quite some time.

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