It’s spring-cleaning time for your life and business! How about cleaning out the shoulds, musts, have-to’s and rules you have set up for yourself that have been dictating your life far too long and replace these with new, exciting, and out-of-the-box ideas that are good for the soul. 

Question the status quo.

3 tips to get started: 

1. Identify your top priority values and run a litmus test whether you are living by these and making decisions by these. Change things up!

2. Prioritize relationships, fun, travel, friends, etc. in the ways you desire. 

3. One of the key changes while spring cleaning is checking in to be sure you are building and operating your business around your lifestyle, not the other way around. That means your schedule, your calendaring, and your priorities are designed around a quality life, not more work. 

Consider this a gentle reminder to prune all those extra tasks, responsibilities, and more that weigh down your spirit and drain your energy. Not only do those need to be A.D.D. (automated, delegated or deleted), but it’s a good habit to check-in with yourself often to be sure you are not allowing your business to take over your life! 

Prior to the pandemic, I built my business around traveling to Europe and other locations so I could have a location-independent business honoring my love of travel and adventure while enjoying coaching from my Zoom screen even more. It worked beautifully! I loved working from my Airbnb apartments in Florence, Cortona, Lake Como, and Rome, Italy! Although that strategy got sidelined for over a year now, I am counting the days I can resume that lifestyle. 

When you build your business around your lifestyle, now you are in control of your well-being, in alignment with what you say is important to you, and you don’t allow work to become more important than your family, fun, play, and self-care. 

I know, easier said than done. But over time with reminders, you will master this. Promise. 🙂 

Be kind to yourself today,