Did you know you were born with an entelechy to help find your calling and purpose?

What is an entelechy? 

In spiritual, metaphysical terms (pronounced like intellikey), it means realizing your potential. For example, the entelechy of an acorn is to be a strong, robust, and towering oak tree that gives to the circle of life and nature.

Your entelechy is a seed within you that has the recipe to your destiny and power; but only when we get quiet enough to hear the calling – will you find that recipe. 

 The first time I heard this, I was fascinated as my mentor explained this concept. I began connecting all the dots in my life so much easier than before. 

As I wrote down in my journal all the things that lit me up as a young girl and brought joy to my days, I found these same things had shown up in my adult life as my profession. Success leaves clues. 

I also found one of the major benefits of strengthening my intuition was helping me clarify my entelechy even more. My purpose is my entelechy. I revised my purpose this year and found it to be spot on. To inspire and mentor creatives and youth to follow their joy, listen to their intuition, and use their genius talents to create success and fulfillment.

Wouldn’t it be worth the effort to create the daily habit of accessing your intuition if you knew you could define your entelechy? It’s your inner GPS.

Maybe you found yourself lately seeking more meaning in life. Keep in mind, what you have accomplished thus far is exactly what you needed to bring you to his place of expansion and questioning what’s next for you. Congrats!

You then may have begun asking, “Why am I here? “How can I serve my purpose and what brings me the most joy doing that as my contribution to humanity?”  If that’s you, then, let’s see about answering, “What is my purpose? How do I define it?”

Welcome to your next version of who you are meant to be. Do as I did by answering these beginning questions to explore:

  1. Define what you were attracted to as a child that brought you joy and inspiration.
  2. Define your passions today. Name at least five.
  3. Who is a role model for you doing what you would love to do, be, or have?

In addition to our important personal purpose that has to do with our career and how to serve humanity while being rewarded (monetize it), every human has one collective purpose…to evolve.

When we are available more often to a power far greater than ourselves through prayer, we have more flow, calmness, and synchronicity in our life. The only thing that prevents us from evolving is our own free will and ego. Let’s connect the dots to your own life and find the recipe to your entelechy.


Make it a memorable, extraordinary week,