Perfect timing! One of your “high pay-off” activities as an empowered, savvy entrepreneur is forecasting your revenues and planning for the year ahead. This activity is working “on” your business vs. working “in” your business. Anything that relates to the vision of your business and actions that support it is working on vs. in.

I’m gifting you with one of my popular BONUS worksheets: “Setting You Up to Win: A 6-Step Roadmap to Money Goals Success Worksheet”

Copy and paste on a word document. Then fill in as a worksheet:

2018 Road Map to Success Worksheet
Review every quarter

The annual gross (pre-tax) income goal I am committed to reach by December 31, 2018 is $_______________ .
My quarterly goal:
My monthly goal:
Plan your annual calendar of revenues by the quarter – forecast how many events and/or clients you require based on your annual 2018 revenues goal

Always schedule in vacation time first then work, campaigns, marketing system, etc

6 Power Questions:
  1. How I will reach my monthly goal? List income channels, more delegation, genius work, what do you let go of?
  2. What resources, vendors, or tools do I need to reach my goals? For example: web designers, virtual assistants, graphic designers, bookkeepers, copywriters, etc.
  3. What skills, if any, do I need to develop to reach my goals?
  4. What opportunities are available to me right now to help me reach my goals?
  5. A good center of influence for me would be someone who is connected to:
  6. Networking Opportunities: What opportunities would help me grow my business? For example: speaking opportunities, colleagues, a specific group, etc.)

Let’s partner on this. If you need an accountability to complete this or someone to walk you through the numbers and ideas, email my team to schedule a 90 min VIP session over Zoom.

Have a blessed week,