October is a FULL month for many including myself! I invite you to listen in on a very entertaining podcast interview I did with Clint Hufft for the annual upcoming Wedding MBA conference Oct 14-16 in Las Vegas.

I am honored to be one of 50 speakers educating, inspiring and entertaining the 5,000+ attendees over three days!

We recorded the podcast a few months ago as a prelude to the conference. Clint and I cover in-depth content from my topic, “Raise your wealth consciousness for higher sales conversion.”  He was an excellent host asking intelligent questions to pull the right amount of info out of me to give listeners a good feel for what will be covered at the conference.

Bigger Pockets is the lead name of the presentation. Here’s what you will learn:

Success in pricing and closing sales begins with your own money relationship and what you feel you are worth. Upgrading your relationship with money and your wealth consciousness will change how you make decisions and your sales results. 

  • Explore common money blind-spots, mindset, money behaviors and habits that are causing frustrating or inconsistent sales results
  • What is wealth consciousness and how does it filter our sales conversations
  • Cost of not standing in your power with money
  • Strategies to remain firm on pricing
  • Setting stronger boundaries for empowering money conversations 
  • How to determine if you are properly priced

Ready to upgrade your relationship with money? That can begin with a 30 min exploratory call to identify your blindspots. We all have them, especially with money. Let’s talk about how you can literally increase your revenues by recalibrating your money habits, behaviors and mindset. I’ve been changing entrepreneur’s money relationship for 10 years using a powerful methodology. Email support@marladiann.com to schedule your complimentary call.

Gratitude & Abundance,