How incredibly rewarding to share this transparent, vulnerable story written by a client (from her blog) who was literally one of my all time determined and loyal clients to date. Krista Mason is a masterful photographer that stands far above the rest. Enjoy connecting with her story of challenge to victory. This is the type of journey that turns us into champions! With her permission, here is her story.




Hi Marla,


I wanted to share a little something personal with you all that I hope will inspire you!


I have been a wedding photographer for over 15 years now. I spent those years shooting for other photographers, partnering with a business partner and, for the last six years, on my own as Krista Mason Photography. I have definitely had some struggles along the way. Over the years, those struggles dug a deep hole of worry and insecurity as I experienced a myriad of financial ups and downs.


While my photography skills have improved over the years and continue to do so, my business was stuck – I mean really stuck. I attended loads of workshops and paid way too much money for coaching and consulting over the years trying to find the missing piece to my puzzle. Fifteen years of trying to find that missing piece was maddening…nothing was getting better…stress just kept piling up.


That is, until about a year ago when I connected with Marla Diann. Man, what a shift I’ve seen in the last year!



Did you know your success in your creative business is based on 80% mindset and 20% action and strategy?

I gotta be honest – when I first met Marla, I was very skeptical when she told me my problems were 80% about my mindset and my relationship with money. But, she had some great things to say that really got me thinking, “This is do or die – this is going to be my last effort to make my photography business a success.” Yup, I was that low when I connected with Marla.


You can see Marla had her work cut out for her, being the stubborn bullheaded type A personality that I am. But she did it, she helped me change my mindset and, today, I couldn’t be happier and my business continues to grow and be successful!




BEST decision I ever made!


It wasn’t easy. I struggled – A LOT – but Marla dished out some tough love, I rolled up my sleeves and got my butt busy shifting my mindset about money. I learned my relationship with money affects my relationship with everything. Who knew they are all so related?


I had been going through a pretty long dry spell before that. I was confident in my work, I knew my pricing was more than fair and my personality was a fit for the couples I was meeting. So, why was I not booking?


I’ll never forget that first sales meeting after creating and refining my sales system with Marla. It was the first meeting where I was not only comfortable talking about money, but I didn’t hesitate! I was confident and I booked!



Marla helped me to see it was my mindset and relationship with money that was the roadblock. I remember looking at Aldo after the meeting and saying, “Wow! That was so smooth and so easy!” I asked if he noticed a difference in the sales part of the meeting, and he did! The rest is history!


Half way through my program with Marla, I had my biggest sales month EVER – by about 3x – and guess what? I did it again the next month! I couldn’t believe it! I made more in that one month than I had made in the previous quarter, and I did it 2 months in a row! What changed? Only my mindset about my relationship with money! Yes, Marla did give me tools to help with my processes, but she also gave me tools to change my thoughts and my relationship with money…and the power to think as if my success already existed.


I really have a good laugh at myself when I look back on that first call with Marla. I can’t believe how skeptical I was about what my relationship with money and what that had to do with me booking more. Yup, I see know what a fool I was! I look at how far I have come since that first call with Marla and I am so pleased with my continued success and growth of my business and myself.




In the beginning, Marla asked what I wanted for my business. I told her it was to be happy and successful.  I was so surprised when it actually happened after just a few short months of putting what I had learned into practice. I have never been happier, more confident or more successful. I keep learning and growing more and more every day!


Do you want a little piece of this pie?


Do you want to make more money, be happier and be even more successful than you already are?


Then come join me and a few of my fellow wedding experts in a roll-your-sleeves-up kind of workshop. You’ll work with other wedding creatives to develop a mindset to take your business to the next level!


Photo Credits: Krista Mason Photography