I always find December to be one of the most CREATIVE months as we slow down and curl up by the fire or in my Southern California case – curl up and watch the waves come in and the sunset color the ocean horizon. It is the perfect time to renew your own creativity.

Renewing your creativity is about cultivating the part of you that comes up with new ideas, art, innovation, and sets powerful shifts in motion.

Creative Renewal is:

It’s the feeling of looking at everything with fresh eyes.

It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability.

If you are an artist in any form, it’s a re-claimed part of yourself you may have neglected for a variety of reasons.

It’s a new intimacy with yourself because you treat your creative self (artist) like all other important relationships that are sacred and a priority for you.

To to do this you make time to listen to the quiet voice of intuition. You make time to nurture it. You listen to it.

Today I challenge you to set aside that time, and during it, ask yourself these 8 questions about the coming new year.

These blank pages are now waiting for you to create, dream, innovate, design and claim your desires. This is where that creativity goes from an intangible to a tangible by attaching actions to it.

Is it reconnecting with your sacred self where all your ideas and inspiration originate?

Is it giving yourself permission to be imperfect and free of self-judgment?

Is it raising the bar in being courageous while pursuing your artistry, ideas, and business innovation without the concern for approval?

Is it giving your personal brand a new voice to heard above the online density?

Is it being more clear and conscious of what really lights you up in your creative business? (Hint: make a list of at least 10 things you tolerate and put up with. Then eliminate them off the list over time by delegating, deleting and setting stronger boundaries)

Is it making room for inspiration to download (into your thoughts) by committing to a weekly non-negotiable date with yourself? Being quiet with inspiration is giving it loving attention that pays off big time spiritually, financially, creatively, professionally and personally.

Is it allowing yourself to innovate your creativity by letting go of old, stale thought patterns?

Is it making travel plans for that long time dream to Italy, Paris, Bali, Spain, Thailand, Costa Rica (etc.) and doing it as a Jetsetter in laptop lifestyle?

I’m doing all of the above again this year, won’t you join me?!

If you’re craving the partnership of a coach who understands creative businesses who want to become creative brands then email my team to support@marladiann.com and I’ll gift you a 30 min call with me. You’ll have my 30+ years of entrepreneurship, creativity, personal branding, mentoring, coaching, PR, mindset, inspiration, parenting and more working with you.

I am here as your creative muse.

Blessings for a remarkably creative year!