The secret to longevity with your admin and marketing team is hire on culture first; then skillset. From my “Virtual Assistant Checklist and Hiring Process” Workbook. Let’s first look at how to define culture.

For some of you – just hiring your first lead Virtual assistant is a big leap. For others, you are restructuring after a few years and need to raise your standards in how your team serves you and your clients.

You will have much more success with hiring the right person for a job that lasts by initially getting clear on what your company culture stands for.

Write down seven (7) of the most important values of your business. This will give you a foundation for your culture. These are standards in which you live and work by.

Think values like: boundaries, respect, creativity, innovation, timing, appreciation, positivity, success mindset, client servicing (5-Star service like Ritz Carlton), visionary, communication flow.

I have team align with the Ritz Carlton Leadership and Customer Service platforms to understand what is expected.

I highly recommend reading “The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company” by Joseph Michelli.

Once you have the culture clarified, use this checklist to build up your savvy leadership skills. These are my favorite eight of many traits that help you lead and keep an A-List team. (Note: A “team” can be one, two, three or more.)

8 Traits of a savvy leader in your business:

  1. Inspired action: lead from intuition and self-care while allowing your team to do their genius while you do yours
  2. Add in fun, joy, sense of humor and appreciation often
  3. Intuitive Listening
  4. Make your boundaries clear and known
  5. Trust/Letting go of control
  6. Kicking perfectionism out the window
  7. Who else can do this? (Delegation)
  8. Compassion

You may want to print this out and begin the preparation for your success with leverage. Helpful?

You may request a 30-min complimentary call to explore how coaching can support you in being the leader of an A-List team and that benefits your personal and financial well-being. Email to schedule your call.

Gratitude and appreciation.