marla blog1Geez, this entrepreneurial journey is a WILD ride, isn’t it?


One minute you’re riding high with all your systems, branding, leverage, and strategies in place (or not) and then BAM you get that inner nudge to change!


Therein lies the wild ride.


It can look a lot of different ways. But you get the picture.


I actually call it your own personal development course. Owning a business. Seriously, our best investment is in ourselves. Meaning, invest in upgrading our mindset, habits, vision, decision-making, business approach, branding, etc.


If you are like me, a creative, passionate visionary who is naturally inspired to serve my clients as a trusted expert except in times (more than I prefer) when I’m called to stretch well beyond my mental and emotional limits so I can thrive and grow.

And, of course it’s a humbling place to be thrown into new challenges almost every week that require us creatives to keep raising the bar so we move into that next level (without losing too much confidence and creative fire!).


See, in order to advance in our business, we must first advance who we are, change our habits, behaviors and revise how we make decisions, first.


Personal growth always precedes business growth; never the other way around.


And that is not easy or comfortable unless we have the right support around us!


On Wed., May 18th from 5-10 pm (location to be revealed this week) I am giving you an opportunity to surround yourself with support, inspiration and other driven creative entrepreneurs seeking solutions to their business challenges in my next workshop!


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For now SAVE THE DATE. It will be VERY affordable (under $100). My team is behind the scenes creating the registration page.


Watch your inbox for the green light this week!


I only have 50 spots and close to 15 are spoken for before we open the doors to registration. First come first serve. Would love to share the evening with you. It’s going to be a game changer.


Oh! I have an excellent article to share with you – a MUST read. Truly one of the better “millionaire habits” articles I have read in a while. The insights have to do with the power of habits and behaviors. Click here. My favorites are #7, #8, #11 and #12. What are yours?


Prosperity and abundance always,

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