Have you considered composing a joy list for 2023?

I know, it’s still holiday time. You are enjoying the week off with cooking, eating, and all the festivities with friends, family and neighbors.

(Photos: A few of my joys! Ruby, holiday baking with friends, and my shiny mouse ears.) 

Composing your joy list is for those quiet moments over the next week when you are contemplating your 2023 goals and filling them out in your new planner.

As you claim your 2023 goals for money, business, health, relationships, spirituality, and more, consider my message a sweet nudge to ask yourself “How can I add more pleasure and fun into my life?” in 2023. Then include your answers into your goals.

That’s your JOY list!

A creative who is all work and little play is b-o-r-i-n-g. Right? Allow yourself to laugh more, go after those long-held desires, receive more, lean back more. (That’s from my blend of the masculine & feminine principles I coach every entrepreneur to help them attract more joy and money.)

There are proven facts why joy, fun, play, and delight are relevant to you achieving your goals and living more in alignment with your purpose.

1). When you are not experiencing joy as a prominent feeling in your life given any business and personal activities you are engaged in, your body has a way of signaling the message, “You are off track from your goals.” I call this intuition. Listen to the joy or lack thereof. You aspire to receive positive feedback in the form of pleasurable physical and emotional sensations.

That’s a green light to keep going. (You may also need to clear the negative, ego-driven thoughts that keep you from your joy. Be loyal to your joy, not your ego.)

2). When you are in your joy doing what lights you up, your vibe is high and attractive, which naturally generates more positive and creative thinking, and more high-vibe people. Who doesn’t love being around happy people?

3). When you are in your state of joy more often, you become an attractor of the same vibe in experiences, goals, and more. You are vibrating (your etheric energy) at an abundant level attracting more money, more ideal clients, ideal team members, friends, romance, etc. This is a disciplined consciousness. It’s not always easy, but simple. It’s a mindset first before it manifests physically.

To steer you in the right direction and give you a jumpstart of ideas, I have a special download for you named, “10 Fun Ideas to Amplify Your Creative Spirit.” Click here.

These are all pure fun. I challenge you to add more fun, play, adventure, and delight into your life AND business in 2023.

Tell me which of the 10 ideas you will add to your JOY list! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and Happy New Year!

I am working “lightly” and playing this week, too. 

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Tons of gratitude,