Truth be told –  your brand story is meant to inspire.


When I initially talk with clients about being vulnerable and sharing a part of their life story as their brand, I sometimes get that look of uncertainty and doubt. It comes from fear of standing out and/or being vulnerable in a business setting.


Today’s influential marketing is meant to be humanized. Business branding stopped being unemotional and distant awhile ago. It’s personalized, compassionate, intuitive, real, and vulnerable.


How’s your brand’s emotional quotient?


Our brand story is meant to inspire; not be all about you. Whose life will you touch because you had to courage to tell your story. And not just any story.


Why is this important? People relate to stories that emotionally resonate with them. Then they take an action because they were emotionally moved. Your story needs to resonate with your audience.


blog1 marlaThat’s part of the many golden nuggets to achieving an intuitive competitive edge.


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Purpose to all this: A genuine, trusting, thought leader and compelling brand LIFTS you above the online density to reach those meant to be served by you.


3 Tips to Begin Your Intuitive Competitive Edge Journey:

  1. Speak your truth from your heart in your branding content (website, emails, blog, social media) rather than what you think others want you to say. Be Bold. Be Gutsy. Break the Rules.
  1. Intuition plays an important part in showing up genuine and authentic. Tune in and listen to your inner voice that leads you to defining and expressing the “real” you. What messages are coming up that you otherwise have ignored?
  1. Tap into your feminine energy of creativity, expansion, appreciation, gratitude, trust, faith and your higher power through meditation, nature walks, downtime with your favorite pet, or ? as a regular habit. Recalibrate your dominant masculine energy to lead with feminine. It’s more authentic.


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Thrive in 2016.


Loads of gratitude,

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