Do you consider yourself progressive? Innovative? Intuitive?


If you fall into any one of these categories: creative entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, event and hospitality industry professional, business mentor, coach, speaker, author, or visual artist, I recommend you keep reading…




Staying ahead of the curve and operating from an innovative approach will result in not only positioning you as a leader in your industry, but higher revenues.  Colleagues, potential clients, current clients, vendors, and more want to do business with a trusted brand that’s progressive.


marla blog1And that takes an intuitive competitive edge.  How do you accomplish that?


It begins with honoring your intuitive wisdom (those quiet voices or nudges you may ignore more than you know you should) and the mindset of developing your entrepreneurial competitive edge as no longer a solo journey; but a brilliant collaboration between inquiring, inquisitive, and inspiring minds.

Progressive-minded women entrepreneurs today seek community to help create their intuitive competitive edge.

  • They want the benefit of collective ideas, resources, and similar consciousness.
  • They THRIVE on authentic connection and collaboration. We’re wired that way. Let’s expand on it.
  • They require an environment that supports progress, intuition, compassion, and creativity while having fun.
  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators, thought leaders and tech founders globally are thriving on accountability programs, communities, and groups to accelerate.


All this then follows with designing a compelling, trusted brand and leveraged business to excel.


I aspire for you to ACCELERATE your brand and business in the right environment with like-minded forward-thinking people.


That’s why I created a 2-day Branding and Business Accelerator, February 24-25, 2016 specifically for 10 highly motivated, intuitive women entrepreneurs requiring their competitive edge for 2016.


Intuition plays an important part in your genuine, authentic branding. I walk you through how to listen to that inner voice that leads you to defining and expressing the “real” you.


new locationI’ve chosen an historic high rise as our creative space to learn, collaborate, design, and innovate over two days in Downtown Los Angeles near Pershing Square.


The Accelerator is focused on the power of your perception, positioning, impact and profit with access to mentors who can advance you in your image, story,

messaging and money relationship.  


The registration page launches very soon. For now opt-in here for more info and updates and staying “in the know.”


You will be 1st at the chance to register for one of the 10 seats when you opt-in for the updates.


Let’s monetize your brand and excel in 2016. Sign up here.


P.S. Will you do this New Year Resolution?


I will get out of my head more often and listen to my intuition.

Trust when opportunities present themselves to personally grow and evolve your business because they align with your top values and goals. A savvy, empowered woman business owner always makes decisions from where she wants to be; not where she is. And, when she designs her brand, she listens within for which of her authentic qualities to most illuminate!


So many blessings,

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