3 Steps to Get Started on
the Fast Track!

I know I am probably singing to the choir on this topic, but it’s always a good reminder! When you consciously and actively remove the energy drains in your life and add enjoyable activities that increase your energy, you can systematically create a life that draws happiness and success to you. The best place to begin when wanting to attract more money, new partner, spouse, better projects, more clients, increased health, etc. is to start taking exceptional care of yourself.

Jump in now with these 3 steps! Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this. It’s powerful!

Make a list of at least 20+ things in your life that annoy the heck out of you! Personally and professionally. Your home, your calendar, office, car, friendships, colleagues, self, work, personal time, industry, etc. Next, tackle the biggest thing on the list to eliminate and do the same with the rest of the list. Yes it can take time but within a few weeks if you are serious about wanting to attract what you desire, you need to act on this list fast!

Make a game out of it. Rid yourself of several items a day. Chunk it down. Before you know it, the list is parred down and you have been attracting good into your life. Find someone you can be accountable to whether it’s me, a friend, a spouse, your dog, someone who will hold you accountable for your progress because they care. They can join in with you and do their own list and you two can support each other! Please share with me your top 5 things you plan to eliminate now! YOU deserve to have clean energy to attract prime opportunities!

Getting rid of these annoying tolerances is the beginning of living more in your joy. The New Renaissance Woman is all about being in her dignity more often and responding to life with power rather than reacting from uncertainty.

One of the best ways to dive deeper into this topic is to clear the decks of what is draining your life and business and invest in yourself with either a 90-min 1:1 private intensive via Zoom or consult with me in a 1:1 in-person VIP Strategy Session (4 hours).

This is a wonderful way to get a solution fast without having to register for a longer program. Fast action fast results.

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To your success and JOY,