marla blog 1-4-16Let’s honor where we’ve been and who we are to become in 2016 and celebrate right now!


Yep. I mean it.


In your own way with me virtually let’s acknowledge how far you’ve come this year while looking to the next year with high expectations!


Let go of opportunities you missed and challenges that made you question your worth. It’s all part of the richness of our entrepreneurial journey. Let’s keep moving forward.

2016 can be your year when…

  • You finally move beyond the money glass ceiling you were stuck in and learn how to make the income you’ve always desired. (Higher self-worth and net worth)
  • You finally redefine your boundaries so you feel true to your word, dignified in your money conversations, and showing up in your brand with confidence and clarity.
  • You no longer dim your light for fear of making others feel lesser than.
  • Your brand story resonates with your ideal avatar client and raises your conversion rate.
  • You are proud of your brand style and images showing up on FB, Twitter, IG, and LI.

We are excited to mentor the 10 innovative entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate and upgrade their brand image and business revenues, rise above the online density, while making peace with their relationship with money.


Register for updates to be “in the know” for our upcoming 2-day “Branding & Business Accelerator” in Downtown LA on February 24-25.


What is an Accelerator? It started as tech start-up incubators in Silicon Valley for access to funding, ideas, and resources. Today– it’s more than that.


“Accelerator programs are popping up every day, available to a wider range of entrepreneurs than ever before. They’re no longer limited to Silicon Valley, and they’re no longer just for tech companies; there are industry-focused programs centered on many diverse niche industries and socially conscious endeavors.


One of the marquee benefits is access to mentors who can offer experienced insight and advice in a concentrated amount of time.” —Entrepreneur magazine.


Our Accelerator is focused on the power of your perception, positioning, impact and profit with access to mentors who can advance you in your image, story, messaging and money relationship.


Gayle Theodora Drake of Out of the Closets and Jana Wallace of Jana Wallace Photography team up with me to do just that. Jana and Gayle were my brand image team for my new brand photos.

marla blog2 1-4-16

Now it’s your turn.


Attendance includes mentoring, make-up, styling and brand photos for 2016.


We are your business mentors and Glam Squad all in one. 


Embrace Your Spotlight team is in the creative trenches designing the Accelerator in Downtown L.A.


We’ve booked the coolest high rise loft as our creative space to learn, expand, innovate, design, and grow over two days.


I’m inviting you to stay in the know before the registration page goes up. Click here for more details and a no-obligation opt-in to our “updates” list!



So many blessings,

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