She mustered up the courage and bravery. Here’s her story.


She is a beautiful, dedicated mother of two bright, active daughters in their late teens, a passionate permanent make-up artist in Orange County, meditation teacher, and evolved lovely soul.


brave1Jen came to me during a women’s networking event in January of this year via an intuitive hunch that we needed to work together on her new business.


She decided to be brave, courageous and vulnerable like never before. These qualities are hallmarks of a successful woman entrepreneur.


With permission from my client, Jen Dial, I’m sharing her summary behind the scenes vulnerable journey over the last 4 months. She recalibrated her relationship with money and up-leveled her standards as a dignified, empowered woman business owner with boundaries and a revenue generating plan.


Click here for her testimonial story.


This, too, is all possible for you when you muster up the courage to face the truth and breakthrough your old habits and behaviors around money, boundaries (lack thereof), delegation, leverage, and self-worth.


Your chance to begin your journey starts Wed Sept 28th during “Advancing Creatives to Higher Profits” workshop and I have sweetened the deal by giving you “Bring a friend” rate ending soon.




Be brave and register. I’ve got your back.


Prosperity and abundance always,

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