I have a first-class journalist-style podcast for you to listen to with over 1MM listeners. I know. I gasped, too, when I read that in my email upon being confirmed as a guest. The host also has over 75K in her social media and email communities.

The most recent podcast episode in my podcast campaign is with host, Melinda Wittstock, a serial entrepreneur based in Santa Monica, who built 5 companies across media, tech, and AI to 7 and 8 figure success.

As nice and humble as anyone can be.

Our episode, “Follow Your Joy So the Money Follows You: How to Leverage your feminine power in balance with masculine energy.”

This was a fascinating conversation with Melinda, who was gracious, professional, and wise. Being a journalist, I was duly impressed with her interview style. She comes from a long-time journalism background as well.

She began the conversation by asking what did my tagline mean, “Stand for your worth and dignity,” which opened up the conversation about women and men’s relationship with money.

We discussed the differences between men and women’s relationship with money (how they feel, act, and think) to the profound need to learn a masterful blend of masculine and feminine while running a business so as to avoid burnout.

Today, Melinda also offers podcast coaching among her robust offerings. “When I launched Wings of Inspired Business Podcast, initially as a passion project, I found my voice. And as I stepped into owning the authentic me, I developed transformational relationships with customers, joint venture partners, sponsors, and investors — and now my fifth business Wings Media, Podopolo, a first-of-a-kind app for podcasters and their audience.”

 I couldn’t agree more with how business-changing being a guest and/or having your own podcast is. The credibility it produces, social proof, reach, SEO, and authentic relationship building is just smart business.

Melinda’s 2019 article from Medium, “How to Gain Power and Profit from Podcasting,” is worth a read. 

So, how did I find her?

In November and December, I was a busy girl implementing and collaborating my 6-month long rebrand with my team (website coming very soon!) and booking vetted high profile women entrepreneur podcasts via a podcast agency I hired.

That one goal on my list, to book myself on podcasts, sat on my to-do list for over 15 months. Yep. It was clearly not getting done, plus I felt I was not ready in my entrepreneurial journey. I finally surrendered to researching agencies to find a top-notch booker.

I knew what to look for given I spent over 20 years pitching my PR clients to media during my publicity career. I found this outstanding agency that I can highly recommend since my personal account manager booked six (plus a bonus making it seven) quality, well-established podcasts that were consistently producing good quality content and interviews.

Here are the three so far.

And this agency will only work with hosts that backlink your episode to their personal website, social media, and/or audio streaming platform.

Natalie, the owner of Expert Bookers, is your contact. Please let her know I sent you.

Hold onto this resource for when you are ready. There are a lot of agencies to wade through. This will save you tons of time and concern.

Be extra kind to yourself this week,