I have a profound follow up story to my last blog article “Wealth on Your Own Terms” revealing the results of the client I featured who had a challenge with defining affluence and wealth for herself.


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Excerpt from the article: “If you were asked ‘“What are your beliefs about affluence and wealth?” could you authentically answer that?


 It’s not a trick question – but more so a check-in about the lens in which you see the world according to wealth and affluence. If you really thought about it – would your answer be more about the negative influence from society, media, friends and childhood imprints or a positive, affirmative outlook?


 I had a smart, savvy woman client this past week unable to answer that question in a way that felt right to her. She literally said “I don’t know how to answer that. Wealth and affluence feels unattainable, difficult and unrealistic.”


As I am on the front lines and in the trenches daily with my brilliantly creative and eager clients, I find more and more women having a very confusing, detached and uncertain view of wealth and affluence.


My point in this topic is encouraging you to define wealth and affluence on your own terms; not what society or media hypnotizes and seduces you with.  By exploring that – I know you will find your truth!”


The follow up is this: after my creative business client completed her assignment which was to truly define what wealth and affluence was for her on her terms (not society, parents, or media influence) she had a huge breakthrough and up leveling of her life.


Read on.


On a side note I also I had her begin building a money relationship with her husband by having 2x month coffee meetings to get connected to the family earnings, how much her husband was generating out of his business and to be a partner in the family savings goal. I aspired for her to be “in the know” and confident with the knowledge of her overall financial well-being. This new behavior would help deepen her relationship with money that we already have been working on in her mentoring program.


Proud to say she had huge wake up call not only with her own reality of wealth but she enhanced her relationship with her husband.  By defining what wealth was for her – and becoming conscious of her present life – she found that she was living in the past with her thoughts and mindset about wealth and affluence (negative) and that she was actually living wealth and affluence her on her terms already!


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It was a matter of a mindset shift and becoming aware of her actual financial life with her husband that prompted the breakthrough.  And, he was thrilled to finally have her interested in the family finances so they could partner as husband and wife. (He’d been hoping for this for several years).


The family savings goal she stated in her assignment that would allow her to feel secure and well taken care – was far exceeded when she learned the real numbers from her husband while discussing their savings account.


I was doing the happy dance on the other end of the phone while she talked during our session this week! I felt a huge sense of fulfillment and joy knowing one more beautiful, worthy, smart business woman is well on her way to living a confident, fulfilling, and worthy life that she loves.


Her experience feeds and nurtures how she operates in her business. As my mentor says, “How you do money is how you do everything!”


I have 3 questions for you to explore that will begin to move you into a place of clarity around your relationship with money:

  1. What have you been tolerating in your relationship with money that you know if it were to change – your results in business and personal would look far different for the better? (Hint: what you charge, giving away your time and not charging, low expectations of your worth and value)
  2. Where have you been holding back in your business that is out of alignment with your top values and truth? (Hint: saying yes when you really want to say no, taking on clients just for the money and not screening them to see if they are even a fit, not delegating enough and taking on more than you should)
  3. What do you bootstrap in your business thinking you are saving time and money when you are truly stunting the growth and diluting your brand? (Hint: Not delegating enough low pay off activities, doing your own marketing, etc.)

Raise your money vibe!


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