When I heard my mentor reply to an attendee about her challenges during her incredible leadership conference for entrepreneurs – “Are you addicted to struggle?” – I felt like I was hit between the eyes and I had an aha moment.

I quickly wrote down the quote in my conference notebook and stared at it. Then asked myself “Am I addicted to struggle and what does that mean?”

Just then another attendee posed the question “What does it look like to be addicted to struggle?” My mentor gave different scenarios like being in struggle with delegation, money, boundaries, systems, revenues, sales, etc. She also explained a deep truth – a false belief of “I am not enough” drives the addiction to struggle syndrome.

Then she offered the solution:

  • Be addicted to EASY rather than struggle.
  • Replace struggle with easy.
  • It’s a mindset shift – a consciousness.
  • Be in gratitude.
  • Don’t be attached to the outcome.
  • Trust in another level of support that you are not acknowledging.
  • Let go of expectation.

Powerful stuff. Would you say you might be a candidate for struggle addiction and not know it? It’s common. Don’t feel alone about it. Take affirmative action. Replace struggle with easy by repeating it in your mind daily (and a post-it note or phone screen saver could be of help) over and over and over till you live it.

This is a pattern interrupt that will change as long as you are committed to being conscious. Where in your life and business do you notice this pattern?

Have a blessed EASY week,