It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

Just returned from two outstanding days in Vegas at Wedding MBA, the wedding industry’s largest conference where I connected with clients, colleagues and presented my signature talk on wealth consciousness!

Our topic today is a profound one. The lost art of eye contact. Remember that thing?

Think for a moment how conscious you are when talking with people either in-person or on video, are you giving them your undivided attention via eye contact or are you looking around the room, your desk, the scenery, or ?

Since reading Brian Grazer’s book, “Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection” – I have been ever so much conscious of eye contact. I realized I was not as good as I could have been. Now I have new normal where I make a deliberate intention to look into people’s eyes. This leads to emotionally intelligent conversations. 

“Deep down, all of us have doubts and insecurities. We use people’s eyes as a gauge to see whether we can trust them. When we find openness and attentiveness there, we are more likely to let ourselves be vulnerable and validated. When we feel understood and validated, we like a person. When we like a person, we trust them. And when we trust them we are more inclined to bare our essential and authentic selves. In order to form deep and meaningful binds that transcend small talk and cookie-cutter conversations, we can get to this place.” – Brian Grazer

This is especially vital while networking and attending events. As an entrepreneur we thrive on networking and attending events for our lead generation and building authentic relationships with the right people.

Guess what was foremost on my mind while in Vegas? Eye contact. Yep. This topic is also one of many intriguing discussions planned for THE VISIONARY INTENSIVE, January 15-16, at the Shade Hotel Redondo Beach. My team and I just launched the VIP early rate registration. I’d love to see you there and bring your colleagues, team members, and friends. I’m curating 20-30 innovators, thought leaders and high-level thinkers. Grab a spot before Oct 22 where I gift you with a $1500 bonus!

I encourage you to reexamine your eye contact behavior. Try it. You might like it!

Gratitude and abundance,