My new brand, “Stand for your worth and dignity” could not come at a more significant time in women’s history. (Website launch coming) And I am darn proud of it and how it came to be.


Being on the front lines for the last 9 years mentoring women entrepreneurs seeking to gain their dignity and power against all odds at times — I experienced with them persevering and then succeeding on many levels.


From the front lines…


“I had profound changes in my mindset that altered my decision-making in business. I learned from Marla’s mentoring how I do money is how I do everything! This permeated every portion of my life. I took better control of my “money” allowing me to take control of my life.


I embraced that I made money and not that money made me. It’s honorable to be a strong authentic woman who can take care of my loved ones in other ways than financially. I LOVED my money therapy!


Three strategies and tools I learned that could potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were removing my money clutter, knowing what I need to have as income for a thriving business and setting standards for my business and the type of clients I wanted to bring on board.” —-Barbi Walters, Wedding Event Planner, Designer & Stylist, The Lynden Lane Company


Over the years I struggled, too. I fell down many times to only get back up and go at it one more day. I could not coach and mentor the profound content I deliver if I have not gone through the challenges, the victories and the humbled moments first. You can read more at my story page.


Saying all this I am grateful to bring my webinar co-hosing with Arbonne Regional V.P. Julia Breitman “Are You Wired for Wealth” FREE webinar training this Tuesday Jan 24th at 6 pm Pacific. Be there. Tell your friends. Encourage them to join us. Details:


Today, let’s have you begin the money mindset shift in how to create more dignity in your life by using these 6 PROVEN money habits listed below.


They will change your relationship with money and help you confidently build your creative business.


Start having a relationship with money just like you treat your best friend.


Yes, just like you treat your best friend –

  1. Nurture your money by knowing what is coming and going in your business daily. Do you have a tracking sheet for incoming revenues? Look at it daily as a way of inspiring you to keep the momentum or adjust your activities to create more income.
  2. Respect your money by setting strong boundaries with money conversations. Oh how challenging this can be. I understand especially for women. Keep this in mind as we get to know each other. How you do money is how you do everything. My mentor taught me this and it became the cornerstone to all I mentor around money. See, if our boundaries around money is lacking – I can guarantee your boundaries are lacking in another area of your life. No fault of your own. Stick with me here and beyond to learn how to recalibrate that.
  3. Speak in gratitude about money daily (shift the conversation away from those who are negative talkers about money or choose to excuse yourself). Money, like all things in life, has an energy to it – a metaphysical quantum physics type of quality to it. We live in an energetic Universe. When we live in low negative feelings and thoughts around money – we attract more of that. Conversely when we live more often in trust, faith, gratitude, even in times of uncertainty, forgiveness, and appreciation, – we are expansive and open for more money to flow to us in form of opportunities, events, people, etc. Make sense?
  4. Bless money daily for all the good it brings you. Enough said.
  5. Take care of it by staying in relationship with your numbers. When you can get to the point where you know at any given time how much is in all your accounts, what your weekly and monthly revenues goals are and how close you are to achieving them on any given day – you are golden.
  6. Behave courageously by asking for what you are worth rather than what you think you can get.

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