“Nothing in your life is happening out of order. Nothing.” – Oprah Winfrey


When I heard that missive during the “Energy of Attraction” 21-day meditation challenge Oprah hosts with Deepak Chopra, I stopped in my steps during my morning walk listening on my phone.


I rewound that part of the audio and re-listened. For the next few hours I thought about my life and all the hardships, victories, blessings, sharp right turns, and detours. I smiled and went into gratitude for all of that. Oprah’s quote validates again we are in partnership with Universal energy to create our life.

This same Universal Law principle applies to being a thought leader brand.


You were meant to impact lives for the greater good. That is part of the “order” of your life. Are you quiet enough to hear the call, though? Are you listening?


One common characteristic of a trusted thought leader is they are tuned into their intuition. They use their heart and passion to lead the way and formulate their mission. Would you consider Steve Jobs as a passionate thought leader? Oprah? Tina Brown? Sheryl Sandberg? Martin Luther King? Guy Kawasaki? Angelina Jolie Pitt? Amal Clooney? Tony Robbins? Deepak Chopra? Absolutely. Look at the millions of lives changed. A host of a thousand other silent heroes are also making changes to culture and innovation in large and small ways.


That could be you.


What intuitive message of yours is asking to be expressed? Do you have a forum to try it out? A think tank to speak it? Do you thrive in mastermind discussions where one idea leads to the next and is supported by others?

Marla-MallikaBeing a thought leader takes courage, but the rewards are plenty: trusted brand, sustaining credibility, expanded ideal client roster, higher profile colleagues and influencers, higher caliber opportunities, and of course, hundreds of lives changed for
the good.


For those in southern California, (or planning a visit week of June 18) after midnight Pacific on June 8th, the rate for EVOLVE: Lead to Inspire mastermind workshop with guest speaker Mallika Chopra, increases from $99 to $199. (That’s tonight).


Between 4-9 pm on June 18th in Santa Monica – an intimate gathering of leaders, innovators, and influencers (and people who aspire to be) will birth new ideas and give voice to long held hidden ideas.


According to Denise Brousseau, Thought-leader expert, here’s a beginning checklist of ideas how thought leaders engage their message:

  • Start a new business, initiative, program, or movement.
  • Convene or lead an advisory committee, task force, mastermind or industry professional organization.
  • Develop a product, brand platform, service or training model.
  • Write a book and sell it globally.
  • Push for new or revised legislation.
  • Share a methodology widely.

Start asking yourself these questions:

What are you committed to? Passionate about?

  • What do you stand for? What group of people do you stand for?
  • What can you speak at length about?
  • What do you disagree with the collective consciousness?
  • What do you see as a new way of doing something that others can’t yet see?
  • How would you like to transform people’s thinking?

Then, inspiring others to support the cause is crucial. A thought leader is defined by their ability to build a tribe and inspire them to galvanize new thoughts, upgrade current systems, and move forward on new behaviors, paths and actions to initiate change. This does not mean you have to change the world! Start with your own community or industry. Begin.


Join us. Your voice matters. Build a thought-leader brand to impact others for the good and watch how your life expands.  (Photo above: I met with Mallika last week to go over the workshop and discuss her book “Living with Intent”. She is so gracious and wise. You’ll love her!)


Click here for details and to register before the deadline.


Let’s do this TOGETHER,

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