I see entrepreneurs as very a unique breed of people. We are the heart and champions of the economy. We are the believers, the risk takers, the deeply passionate visionaries who are willing to sacrifice many things for THE DREAM of living life on our own terms while changing lives with our products and services. You agree?


We are the ones who:

  • Keep the cutting edge cutting and give hope in the uncertainty.
  • Who push through the pain and frustration when the revenues are not coming in as fast as we want.
  • Get up every day with that faith and trust that the clients and customers will show up and the results we achieve for them will be over the top.
  • Can feel stuck in our relationship with money and crave fulfillment – we want to be paid well for our passions!

Last night I had one of several dreams come true after 7 years of having a vision, which came by way of a “Divine Urge” nudging me to evolve and step out from behind the scenes of entertainment PR. The message was go out and play a bigger game by standing in your own spotlight to impact lives for a greater purpose. Yes, the road has been challenging, humbling, sometimes paralyzing, but more often extraordinary and rich in meaning.


my stage amazing - marlaThanks to the support and belief of my coaches and coaching tribe (mastermind), friends, family and colleagues, I came full circle from my Hollywood days as a publicist behind the scenes. When I walked into last night’s Hollywood venue to see the stage I was speaking on – it hit me – I had come full circle.


This time I was back in Hollywood for a greater purpose – to serve and impact more lives in a new way! The inner message I got last night (a repeat!) – ALWAYS listen to your soft, loving whispers of intuition and do not give up on your dreams no matter how challenging life may seem. Hold the vision strong in your heart and never, ever let go! Be receptive and grateful for the things unseen and move forward with God as your partner.


My encouragement  to you: YOU can do this, too.The dream.The support. The breakthroughs. It all leads to your higher self and next best version of who you are to  become along the journey to your achievements, successes and more.


My method of coaching and mentoring are very holistic – INTEGRATIVE; meaning tangible and intangible.  I believe in and live the Universal Law of energy and intention coupled with the practical strategies and actions.  We live in an energetic universe where our thoughts, feelings, and everything and everyone around us are part of that energy. I wrap this principle around the power of a brand, which is: branding is who you are; not what you do.


Here’s what I mean:

  • I encourage you to stop living a splintered life – become aware you are one way in one area of your life and different in another. Your actions will sometimes not reflect or match your values.
  • When your values are consistent in all the areas of your life you to live a conscious, progressive, CONGRUENT life.


All of this will be reflected in your branding and results.

  • If you have challenges in your relationship with money – your brand and business will reflect that.
  • If you have challenges with your boundaries – your branding and business will reflect that.
  • If you have challenges with living in fear and doubt and worry more often than trust, gratitude, and faith – your branding and business will reflect that.


As entrepreneurs, we are champions of hope, courage, fulfillment and impact. When using these 5 crucial life and business strategies – you will BE a compelling, BOLD, congruent and impactful brand:

  • Recalibrate your money relationship to be in a higher vibration by demanding of yourself to transform your worry, fear and doubt and distrust around money to be that of faith, respect, trust, gratitude and appreciation with money.
  • Integrate all of who you are into your brand and business. Align your decisions and actions with your top 10 values.
  • Innovate your mindset, goals, brand and business. Let go of old habits, behaviors, and systems that no longer serve you or others. Have the courage to innovate your brand and money relationship.
  • Congruency – create a congruent brand that stands for your values, authenticity, and one that builds a legacy. Clear the decks to open yourself to new ideas, more consistent money, and impact. This opens the way for more creativity and brilliant ideas to emerge as a result of clearing the clutter and making room for NEW ideas to come to you for powerful branding content and messaging.
  • Decide and Take action now! – Surround yourself with achievers, dreamers, and people going after their goals and bringing others with them. Find a mentor and accountability program that will hold you to your word and vision. Our success is never done alone. 

Email my team to apply for a private Discovery call with me about your entrepreneurial dreams and how you plan on achieving them. My next mentoring program begins mid July. Email support@marladiann.com


Would love to see your comments below – what are those dreams? Did this article hit a chord? Helpful?