All influential brands have a compelling story. What’s yours?


marla story


I hear you. You are probably thinking “how in the world do I make my story compelling, inspiring, and dynamic?”  Trust me, even if you think you are not a good writer, there is a time in your life that required you to step up, meet the challenge, the fear, the doubt, or the situation head on, be courageous enough to take an action like you have never done before, transform and then set a new standard in your life. That experience became your new “blueprint” for success. It’s meant to be told.


Don’t you think someone (actually many!) could gain a lot from knowing your story and applying your vulnerability, courage, tenacity and success to their own life?


You bet.


marla groupYou know what else? This person builds an emotional connection with you and a rapport. That’s a bold, authentic, transparent brand that inspires people to take an action. In the case of your business – that action could be choosing to work with you or hire you – or choosing someone else who they resonate with because that other brand had a compelling story.  


You cannot have an influential brand without a transparent, emotional and compelling story to share.


I’ll share an experience I had last week with my mastermind group of dynamic, courageous, brilliant women and how the power of a story can go a long way to not only change the perception of someone, but inspire you to want their product, service, program, etc. I know you understand this. But I am encouraging you to look at your current “about” page on your site (or your speech story) and see if it truly fits the bill for being congruent with who you are in that it moves people to action or is it a plain vanilla resume with no emotional quality.


Can you build a business without a story? Yes, but not very well or with impact in today’s market. Your story is your advantage in a very dense market. Your story is what sets you apart from ALL other experts in your industry.  I want you to stand out among the rest. Your personality (charisma) and story make the difference.


Here’s what happened…


What goes on behind closed doors in those mastermind sessions will blow your mind! Last Thursday, April 24th, was no different with my Six Sensory Women’s group. One of the many topics we covered was how to break through their disempowering behaviors with money and choose new empowering, inspired behaviors that would create the results they wanted. 


One member, a jewelry designer, spoke up and shared her life story about her fear-based experiences as an immigrant youth living in the U.S. but living two lives like  “smoke and mirrors” so as to protect herself. Her father required this in order to keep his family safe. Although his intentions were meant to protect – the real impact it made on my client was her fear of living out loud and being true to herself. As an adult she lived her life “hiding” from others. Her underlining message was “she didn’t matter.”


marla necklace1She eventually healed and transformed this unsettling, incongruent behavior and created a life she is now proud of. The point is once we all heard her extreme emotional challenge and how she overcame this – we were that much more inclined and inspired to buy her jewelry. Now the jewelry had deeper meaning.  It had a story that ILLUMINATED the essence of the jewelry design and its purpose.


That is the power of perception and positioning.


So the question is how congruent are you with your brand? The answer is in your story. The result? Impacting lives to take an inspired action to connect with you and what you have to offer.


You will have an opportunity on May 15th in Santa Monica, Ca. during “Turn Your Personality into Profit” workshop to get started on crafting that compelling story and mastermind with other like-minded business owners who want to make an impact on the world just like you.


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