UrbanChicLogoNever under estimate the power of the intangible energy in your business!


What do I mean?


We have a Universal partner that exists every moment of our life. When you know how to use this energy; you will manifest that which you desire much quicker. This info will change the course of your life.


Here’s a scenario to illustrate my point…


I’m in a coaching session with a new entrepreneur who recently jumped the corporate ship to finally pursue her dream biz. For many years she was a Director of Sales for a product company making multiple 6 figures with a team following her guidance. She operated in a man’s world watching over hard core stats, sales projections, sales numbers, monthly goals to run after, and a team to inspire, yet she felt empty.


So she started a business a few months ago finally that was creative, conceptualized by feminine energy, inspiring, colorful, artistic, and meaningful from the heart. But, she found she was still struggling to be authentic, powerful, and feminine as she built her new venture. I asked her to describe to me a “day in the life” snapshot. So she eagerly explained the first thing she did when she stepped out of bed is grab her morning tea and snack and go online to read her email, Facebook posts, and more admin.


By this time she was ready for her work out on the beach running, which gives her natural energy and inspiration. She then starts her errands and meeting possible vendors. Soon after she’s back at her desk sending out thank you cards and ending the day about 8 pm after a few hour of product development. Phew!!


And she can’t understand why she is struggling, not making as many sales as she hoped, exhausted emotionally and in fear where is the money?


I came back with a compassionate answer. You are so busy “doing” and there is no “being” in this equation. She stared at me with one of those “OMG” looks that shifted her entire mindset.


We had talked earlier in the session about the importance of having Universal energy as your partner and that she was not alone in any of her effort. That made sense to her but it was not a daily consciousness.


So I recommended she begin a new habit of sitting quietly in her bed before starts her day and start a habit of journaling and “script out her day” as if it’s already complete. Describe how it feels in all the meetings, emails, phone calls. She was astounded. Instead of being in reactive mode every day, she was profoundly moved she could set an intention to DESIGN her day instead of react. And she now understood how to partner with Spirit/Universe in creating a fulfilling day.


enbrace your visionaryThe BEING was missing in her daily life as a harried, overwhelmed, stressed out new entrepreneur. I kindly offered “when you are aligned with the purpose of your business and yourself – PLUS action – that’s when the magic will happen. People. Money. Opportunities. Evolution and more will occur.”


Sound familiar? Did you forget the BEING in the DOING all day? When you place the being first-  alignment occurs which results in manifesting what you desire.


I got a call the next day from this client and she was elated in how her day went because she began her day with a connection within and intention for her day via journaling and scripting.
Ready to add BEING to your business success equation?


Create your own success formula that includes “being” and monitor the amount of “doing.” Usually when we are stuck in any area of our business or life – we need some downtime to just “be.” We need to raise our vibration to match our needs.


Give yourself the luxury of “downtime.” No to-do lists. No requirements. Only free-thinking, free-spirited time. Brilliant ideas are usually born here. We are human beings first; not human doings.


Here’s to your BEINGness. It’s very powerful.


Your first action toward “being” more is to email my office to schedule a 45 min. chat to align your brand with more of YOU and “being.”2 private call spots remain. Email support@marladiann.com