largeHave you seen all the publicity around Arianna Huffington's new book, THRIVE? I encourage you not only buy the book, but go onto YouTube and watch her interviews. She's everywhere and for GOOD reason.  


I LOVE her movement that stands for redefining success by making your well-being #1 over society's emphasis on money and power.  I bought her book this week and can't put it down!


Her new "metric" is about taking care of you – in other words – stop the burnout, overwhelm, addictions, and loss of self  –  and make an IMPACT. She drives the point home about replacing the obsessions with money and power and asks you to integrate what she calls the 3 pillars of the 3rd metric: Well-being, Wisdom & Wonder.  I’m taking a stand in my life to disconnect  a bit more from online activities in order to reconnect with myself and my life. This is one way of taking you out of overwhelm and into connecting offline.


You, too? 


My reason for writing today is to spread this movement and call attention how you can make an impact with your own brand, perception and positioning. We are looking at the depth of your influence to the masses with your voice and messaging.  Arianna is living proof of the power of a solid, authentic brand.  She walks her talk. She lives her brand.  She is living an abundant life & brand ON HER OWN TERMS and inspiring you to do the same


I know you secretly believe you were born to make an impact.  


largeYou were meant to live a purposeful life leading to fulfillment. When you align your brand with who you are, what you stand for; not what you do – you will influence the masses with the right perception and soon your positioning will become easy.  


The women in the photo here (my Six Sensory clients) are doing just that. I can't be more proud of how they are evolving and emerging as leaders in their own lives and in their industries. Amazing transformation to watch.  


Let's do this for you. Let's birth a new brand so you can inspire the world.


Below are 3 ideas to get started and implement.   And, to take this branding impact further, I highly encourage you attend my May 15th workshop, "Turn Your Personality into Profit" in Santa Monica, CA at ROC, the former Google location. Early rate registration ends 4/18. Make a quick decision.  


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Your personality (not your business) is the one element that sets you apart from everyone else. Are you using it to position you to make an impact on the world? 


Here are the 3 ideas to get started with your brand that will help you make a BIG impact on the world:


1.  Read THRIVE. There is no human that cannot be inspired by what Arianna is expressing in her book.  Trust me, this will hit many emotional chords that will kick your butt into gear to get real – confront your tolerations – and take a stand for your well-being.  


2. Seriously, make a list of tolerations in your life large and small with the intention to begin eliminating them off the list over time. Find a trusted, compassionate friend or family member to a discuss this list with. Be accountability partners to stop the insanity, settling for less than you deserve and take a stand for a more compelling life! When you clear the clutter – you will stand out in your brand, perception, and positioning more profoundly due to the deeply authentic content you will be distributing AND people will follow.


3. After the tolerations list is made, step into discovery mode about what local, regional, national or global platform you can support and integrate into your brand messaging that heightens the integrity of your brand.  Is your passion youth empowerment? Women’s innovation? Animals? Environment? Health? Meditation/Spirituality? You get it. Choose one that speaks to the integrity of who you are and weave that info into all your branding.  Let it shine on your website, in your blog, in your social media posts, etc. Build the perception of what you stand for –  no matter what. 


Would love to be help you on May 15th birth (or re-birth) a brand that makes a huge impact. Pass along to your friends, too, who you know could benefit 🙂   Pay it forward for a better world.  Click here for workshop details.  


Gratitude and abundant blessings,

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