For the month of February, let’s give your life and brand some extra loving, ok?


Bold, Sexy and Gutsy branding is an inside job before you become savvy with all the online tools and techniques. Now, those tools and techniques are very important to master and implement – for example – be  sure to have a consistent and automated marketing system online that builds the know, like and trust factor via compelling expert content.


With the immense density out there – the ONLY way to rise above the loud chatter (email, social media, blogs, etc.) is to be ALL of you, which means being conscious of your six senses and how they play a major role in your branding essence. For women, our natural power resides in embracing and being more conscious of our senses and how they affect our productivity at work and home.


When we heighten our sensuality (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, and intuition) – by doing more of what we love and enjoy and how any activity or experience affects us – we become more connected to our purpose and the silent beauty of life. In that silence, we make ourselves available for “Divine downloads” that lead to creative ideas! And those creative ideas turn into BOLD, SEXY, BRILLIANT content for our brands. Make sense?


To get started, here are my six secrets to living a six sensory abundant life and brand for women looking to step more into their natural power so that it exudes more in your branding. Remember, it’s an inside, spiritual job first:


1. Live in the present moment with your feelings and surroundings. Be present regardless of conditions.


2. Recognize your feelings at any moment as expansive or contractive while being energetically responsible with those feelings. This allows you to recalibrate your new normal to be in expansive mode more often. This is being present with SOURCE; not your ego. While being in partnership with Spirit – you evolve and allow yourself to step into the next version of who you are to become for that NEW success!


3. Stay in your body. One of inner messages that inspired me to create this six sensory platform was I felt disconnected from my feelings and body from all the demands and overwhelm of life. When we pay attention to how our body feels – contraction or expansive energy – love or fear – happy or sad – delighted or depressed – we can then act upon it – but it shows up in our body and that’s our connection to Source – our bodies and feelings.


Our body is a deep sensor collecting data from all corners triggering an emotional response. As Tony Robbins says EMOTION FOLLOWS MOTION. Meaning, move your body. When you get the urge – move your body – stand up – stretch – expand your energy – jog in place. Sitting in one place too long is not healthy and not supporting you to stay connected to your body and feelings.


4. Stop multi-tasking at work. I know it sounds crazy, right? More specifically – focus on one project at a time – in the moment – complete it and move to the next. I don’t mean don’t have several projects going – I encourage you to stay centered on one project – cease the start and stop start and stop craziness by working on 3 projects at once. That is contraction energy. You want to be more in expansive energy mode MORE often. Trust me you will get more done, be more productive, and make more money!


5. Explore. Be open to new experiences and people. Leave yourself open for spirit to present a new idea, a new person, and a new place to experience – explore what life can offer in vivid color. Highly recommend taking yourself on a “date” alone to a special place that allows the little girl to play and have fun – reconnect.


6. Discover true pleasure in life. Anything that feels good to your soul is taking you in the right direction. That’s intuition speaking. Listen.


Helpful? Let me know which one resonated the most with you by making a comment below. I love dialogue. I want to know your thoughts!