Ep #65: Her Intuitive Hunch Led to a $60,000 Contract

She was born to sell. You don’t need to work twice as hard to make twice as much. Laura’s charisma and natural sales talent took off right after she completed her Art Degree in college. Art to a sales career? Fascinating story how this all unfolded.  In the episode, you will hear how her biggest failure due to the 2008 downturn in the economy thanks to the mortgage crisis left her $500K in paralyzing debt. Listen how her booming real estate business with over 100 properties went bust and what she did to make a comeback by taking her courage, resilience, and sales talent to turn a $250K business she was employed by into a $1.2 Million success inside of 2 years.  Laura shares how vital listening to your intuitive hunches are as she explains the day she listened to a random intuitive message telling her to reach out to a former client. That serendipitous moment turned into a $60K contract.  Her own transformational story around her challenge with relationship commitment can be a game changer for you as it was for her on all levels in her life. She has so many golden nuggets in this conversation, I couldn’t stop taking notes! You will, too. Be ready to write them down. She gives you loads to think about and begin taking action on. I recommend you re-listen to this a few times so as not to miss anything! 

Let's discuss how you can listen more often to your intuition at work and personally that will lead you to what’s meant for you. Calendly link. https://calendly.com/successcoach-marladiann/connection

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