Ep #63: How Tuscany, Italy and our laptop lifestyles became our saving grace for living a better quality life

Hello creatives! I am honoring this episode to my mother. She would have been 88 today on April 3rd. She passed away last year, Sept 30, 2023. So, Mom, this one’s for you. She always supported me in my love of travel. She’d often ask, “where is the happy wanderer off to now?” Well, if you are listening Mom, it’s back to Tuscany this time but not solo – better yet with a group of passionate people who also love the joy of traveling to a new country experiencing new cultures, food, wine, and beautiful landscapes. Wish us luck in making it an incredible adventure for everyone! I have a unique episode today. It’s different in that my guest, Rico Mandel, co-host of our Sept Tuscany Culinary Adventure, joins me in having a fireside chat about our laptop lifestyles due to our love of travel and the transformation it brings to our lives. We hope this will hit a chord with you to do the same or some variation of it. And, today we are inviting you to join us live in our April 17th zoom webinar to further experience visually what we will be sharing with you today in the podcast. The no-cost lifestyle webinar, Liberate Your Life in the heart of Tuscany & Umbria, Italy, is now available for registration. Today’s episode, we will give you a glimpse of the webinar where we will cover the 9 day 8-night culinary adventure we designed for those of you who are craving that ultimate full immersion, slow paced Italian experience on Sept 21-29. This episode, however, we go into detail about why this, why now, our backstories, and how Italy transformed our lives and why we are passionate about you sharing this with us. We share our most vulnerable moments when Tuscany became our saving grace for living a better quality life there and back at home in the U.S. Rico and I have been longtime friends since 1986. We’ve remained friends throughout their own life’s journey over the last three, almost 4 decades. It was last year over dinner when they decided to bring together our shared passions for Italy, travel, cooking, culture, transformation, and play into creating a life changing Italian adventure! Get comfortable. Sip some fine wine while listening or enjoy your nature walk as we take you behind the scenes of a laptop lifestyle. If you enjoyed the episode, I’d appreciate a review on Apple & Spotify. Let’s connect on IG @marla_diann.

Links from the show:

April 17th No-cost webinar, Liberate your life in the heart of Tuscany & Umbria www.marladiann.com/liberate

Sogna Toscano Culinary Adventure booking and details: www.marladiann.com/tuscany

Let's discuss how you can listen more often to your intuition at work and personally that will lead you to what’s meant for you. Calendly link. https://calendly.com/successcoach-marladiann/connection

If you enjoyed the episode and podcast, I’d appreciate a review on Apple & Spotify. Let’s connect on IG @marla_diann. Registration is now open for my Tuscany & Umbria, Italy Culinary Adventure for singles and couples Sept 21-29, 2024. Go to www.marladiann.com.tuscany for our 9 day/8 night adventure!

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