It’s a beautiful day to be alive! 

Have you ever wondered if you are unconsciously available for things in your life you don’t want?

In other words, are you making yourself available for struggle, fear, worry, inconsistent revenues, below average relationships personally and professionally, and more given where you live in your thoughts and feelings daily?

I have a solution but it will require you to be disciplined with a NEW way of thinking. Here goes:

Make a committed, no back-door decision to make yourself UNAVAILABLE for all those things you say you do not want.

Imagine making yourself unavailable for struggle, fear, worry, low-vibe relationships and situations, financial challenges, etc.Instead, make yourself available for all you desire. It’s a two-millimeter shift in your thinking moment by moment.

You have a clean slate ahead. A new year. New opportunities. I am encouraging you to begin your new year with a list of things, situations, people, that you are completely unavailable for – that which you will no longer tolerate.

Then, create a list of what you are ONLY available for in 2021.

Examples of what’s on my “not available” 2021 list include; unmet goals and desires, low vibe relationships, things that didn’t bring me joy, health challenges.

My AVAILABLE list is Pure vitality and mental health, consistent ideal clients ready for amazing transformation; consistent revenues at a higher level; living in JOY most of the time; the high vibe, loving, fun relationships who value our relationship and show it; to name a few.

Next, to assist you in preparing for the new year I am sharing my official “Start of the New Year Checklist” I have used for over a decade.

I use this each December as I prepare my focus, intentions, alignment, desires, and mindset for the new year.

My gift to you:

 Just click here for the pdf download and let me know in the comments below your no longer available list and which items on my start the new year list were new for you and helpful!

Have a blessed end of the year and 2021!