Ep #58: Her superpower of work-family balance became a resource for other Moms seeking the same

My guest, Lesley Pyle, founder/owner of hiremymom.com, created a business 29 years ago on her own terms.
She fulfilled her need to be a stay-at-home working mother and parlayed that into an abundant resource for other Moms seeking the same. Today, hiremymom.com is a national, trustworthy, and highly efficient platform for women job seekers and employers to match up.

As you will hear, Lesley is a three-decade ambitious, caring woman entrepreneur who never gave up on her dream to support mothers seeking work from home, like her.

She shares her story how she found her solution by freelancing from home when her first child was an infant-toddler and the internet was in its infancy. No easy feat, but she used her Public Relations expertise to promote her business. Her passion grew into a business helping other mothers with the same solution.
Her popular job platform connects small businesses with freelancers and independent virtual professionals since 2007. They also provide training options, career services, and interview training. For those companies that want the all-in-one option, her Concierge service is an option. HMM brand stands on the values of faith, family, and flexible work options.

I used her services in December when I was in dire need of a highly experienced Virtual Assistant and found an OBM (online business manager) instead – after a week of interviewing top notch candidates. I share my story of what happened and what a Godsend her service was for my business.
Her story is familiar to thousands of women today seeking a flexible work schedule for their family. Listen in to how Lesley did it her way and how that became a respected and highly used platform for today’s women who prefer to be a laptop lifestyle entrepreneur.

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