Ep #40: How connected are you to what’s happening with the metaverse and multiverse?

How connected are you to what’s happening with the metaverse or multiverse? What about virtual music festivals and volumetric capture?

Have you experienced a live show that makes you feel like you are actively in the world? These are just a couple of the many types of immersive experiences, examples of how our evolving and rapidly expanding world is transforming.

There is so much to learn about this! I invited my colleague, Jenni Ogden, to take us on a wild ride to learn what’s happening in the virtual world.

She is a fascinating creative who is an entertainment industry disruptive technology trailblazer, Founder and President of Eye Q Productions, specializing in projection design, 3D projection mapping and immersive design, and co-founder of 4D Fun, Inc., a technology company specializing in volumetric capture and deployment of virtual live performances, spatial computing, VR, and AI technologies. She explains how the pandemic permanently changed and revolutionized the event industry virtually.

Her company platform, Scenez, is a multiplayer VR web3 multiverse featuring 4D performances, experiences, events and exchange marketplace for digital goods. Is your head spinning yet? Stick with us!

She shares highlights of her illustrious career in the music industry where she worked at record labels and in music distribution, and later transitioned to production. She has held key leadership roles and has worked extensively in the music industry, themed entertainment, live theater, immersive design, volumetric capture, and virtual live performance.

Jenni also served as Vice President of the Producers Guild of America, New Media Chair, completing over 6 years on the New Media Council board in August 2021 where she helped to champion the PGA Innovation Award honoring immersive storytelling.

Jenni talks to us about the difference between the metaverse and the multiverse, and her journey into immersive experience design. You’ll discover how these experiences can impact your business and your life.

@jenni90265 on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Discord. jenni@eyeqproductions.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniogden/

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