Ep #3: Good things can come easily and more often

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I go deep into my topic where you will walk away with some serious golden nuggets to begin applying to your life! I start off by sharing behind the scenes of more life lessons from my wise Cairn Terrier mix, Mojo, prior to and after his passing. #crossingover

My topic, Good things can come easily and more often, makes sense when you understand how to collapse the time frame of what you think how long it will take for a desire or goal to happen. It is manifested in the miraculous zone. Not the logical zone. I tell an inspiring client story that explains how it’s done!

Would love to know your takeaways — connect with me on Instagram! Do follow my podcast, leave a review, and tune in weekly for a new episode. I mention animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon and her book: Animal Lessons. For more effective life and business strategies with free resources, go to www.marladiann.com
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hi, i’m your host

Marla Diann!

I’ve been transforming creative entrepreneurs’ lives for over 26 years through two businesses. As a success coach and business strategist, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs collapse the time frame of achieving their desires and goals.

It’s time to make joy your inner GPS for life and business decisions rather than lean on your logic and reason, first.

You’ll not only be following what is most authentic to you and for you, but you will live the beautiful life meant just for you.

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