Ep #28: This visual storyteller uses his passions of travel, culinary arts, photography and adventure to enhance people’s lives

It’s a holiday in full-mode this week! My next guest is a perfect fit for the festivities, food, artistry, and glitter of the season.

Rico Mandel, creator and CEO of Miz En Place, an abundant artisan gastronomic online marketplace, designed his site to tantalize you with all the decadent culinary photos, stories, videos and product pages! You can even enroll in cooking classes, culinary adventures and tours.

As a long-time friend (36 years), I consider him a consummate creative. Since childhood, he saw and experienced the world through the lens of all things creative. He’s very much a storyteller using visual arts, food, cooking, travel, and marketing with an international flair.

Join us as he shares how his long-held passions came to fruition as a lifestyle business. He paints the picture that dreams do come true (with dedication and patience) when you believe that “success leaves clues” along the way as you pay attention to those signs woven in joy. It’s a fun conversation for Christmas week.

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    Thank you for this interview , I really enjoyed it… https://mizenplace.com/ what a great web site already bought stuff.

    • Marla Diann

      Hi Michael! Thank you. So glad you enjoyed the interview. Even better, jazzed you bought from the site. Rico has excellent products! Merry Christmas.


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